Sep 23
Sep 25

2008 Fall National Concrete Consortium

Event Details

Bloomington, MN


Park Plaza Bloomington
4460 West 78th Street
Bloomington, MN 55435


September 23, 2008 — September 25, 2008


Meeting begins at 7:45 a.m.

Technical Presentations

The Minutes from the 2008 Fall National Concrete Consortium are available as a PDF.

Joint Problems

  • Joint Rot: The Latest Headache or Not? (PDF)
    Peter Taylor, Ph.D, P.E., CP Tech Center
  • Deterioration of Concrete Pavement I-35 and TH-61 in Northeastern Minnesota (PDF)

Research in Progress

  • The Deleterious Chemical Effects of Concentrated Deicing Solutions on Portland Cement Concrete (PDF)
    Larry Sutter, Michigan Tech
  • Deicer Scaling Resistance of Concrete Pavements, Bridge, Decks, and Other Structures Containing Slag Cement (PDF)
    S. Schlorholtz, Iowa State University
    R.D. Hooton, University of Toronto
  • First Winter Joint Damage in Airfield Pavement – Offut AFB, Nebraska (PDF)
    Toy Poole, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Premature Joint Deterioration in Indiana Concrete Pavements (PDF)
    J. Olek, M. Arribas, M. Radlinski, and N. Whiting, Purdue University
    T. Nantung, Indiana DOT

Mix Track

  • Evaluation of Test Methods for Permeability (Transport) and Development of Performance Guidelines for Durability (PDF)
    Tommy Nantung, Indiana DOT
    Karthik Obla, NRMCA
    Jason Weiss, Purdue
  • CP Tech Center Overview of Trainings/Workshops (PDF)
    Tim Cost, P.E., Holcim


  • Calorimetry Overview: Why Monitor Concrete Temperature? And How? (PDF)
    Peter Taylor, Ph.D, P.E., CP Tech Center
  • Isothermal Calorimetry of Cement (PDF)
  • Practical Sem-Adiabatic Calorimetry for Concrete Mixture Evaluation (PDF)
    Tim Cost, P.E., Holcim