Mar 27
Mar 29

Spring 2012 National Concrete Consortium

Event Details

Oklahoma City, OK


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March 27, 2012 — March 29, 2012


Breakfast begins at 6:30 a.m.

Technical Presentations

Day 1 | Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Freeze Thaw Durability of Modern Concrete Mixtures (PDF)
Tyler Ley, P.E., Ph.D, Oklahoma State University

Impacts of Curing Methods on Curling of Concrete Pavements (PDF)
Tyler Ley, P.E., Ph.D, Oklahoma State University

Portland-Limestone Cement: Synergies that Enhance Concrete Performance (PDF)
Tim Cost, P.E., FACI, Holcim, Inc.

SHRP-2 R06(E): Real-time Smoothness Measurements During Construction (PDF)
Robert Otto Rasmussen, Ph.D, INCE, P.E., The Transtec Group
Gary Fick, MS, Trinity

Recycled Wash Water Crushed Returned Concrete (PDF)
Colin Lobo, Ph.D, P.E., NRMCA

3D Laser Imaging at Highway Speed (PDF)
Kevin CP Wang, Oklahoma State University

FHWA Update (PDF)
Suneel N. Vanikar, P.E., FHWA

TRB Synthesis Topics Needed (PDF)
Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Construction (TRB Committee AFH50)

A New NDT Tool for Pavement Evaluation: Step-frequency GPR (PDF)
H. Thomas Yu, FHWA

Joint Durability (PDF)
Peter Taylor, CP Tech Center

Mix Design and Analysis Track Pooled Fund TAC Meeting TPF 5(205) (PDF)
Peter Taylor, CP Tech Center

CP Road Map Update (PDF)
Tom Cackler, CP Tech Center

Proposal and Discussion of a New PCC Pooled Fund (PDF)
Linda Narigon, P.E., Iowa DOT

AASHTO M240 & ASTM C595 Portland-Limestone Cement: An Option to Improve Sustainability (PDF)
John Melander, Portlan Cement Association

NC² Training Program (PDF)
Dale Harrington, CP Tech Center



Day 2 | Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Innovations in Mobile Mapping and Terrestrial LiDAR Collection for the TTCC and NC² (PDF)
Joe Bruno, ESP Associates, P.A.

Anchoring Dowel Baskets Assemblies (PDF)
Maria Masten, Minnesota DOT

Anchoring Dowel Baskets (PDF)
John Privrat, Duit Construction Company, Inc.

Dowel Basket Anchoring Options (PDF)
Jeff Reid, Hilti North America

Iowa’s Experience with Setting Grades and Constructing PCC Overlays Under Traffic (PDF)
Kevin Merryman, Iowa DOT

Thickness Design of Thin Concrete Overlays

Nonwoven Geotextile Interlayers for Concrete Pavements and Overlays (PDF)
Robert Otto Rasmussen, Ph.D, INCE, P.E., The Transtec Group

UBOL Fabric Interlayer Research and UCOCP Design Procedure Pooled Fund (PDF)
Tom Burnham, P.E., Minnesota DOT



Day 3 | Thursday, March 29, 2012

Business Meeting Elections (PDF)

NC² Problem Statements 2012 (PDF)

Changes to AASHTO 253 and 254 Related to Dowel Standardization (PDF)
Steve Tritsch, CP Tech Center

Standard Specification for Corrosion-Resistant Coated Dowel Bars (PDF)
Steve Tritsch, CP Tech Center

Joint Deterioration Problem Statement (PDF)
Steve Tritsch, CP Tech Center

TRB AFT 10: Basic Research and Emerging Technologies in Concrete (PDF)
Steve Tritsch, CP Tech Center

State Reports on NDT Testing:

  • Alabama (PDF)
  • California (PDF)
  • Colorado (PDF)
  • Georgia
  • Illinois (PDF)
  • Illinois Tollway (PDF)
  • Indiana (PDF)
  • Iowa (PDF)
  • Kansas (PDF)
  • Louisiana (PDF)
  • Michigan (PDF)
  • Minnesota (PDF)
  • Missouri (PDF)
  • Nebraska (PDF)
  • New York
  • North Carolina (PDF)
  • North Dakota (PDF)
  • Ohio (PDF)
  • Oklahoma (PDF)
  • Pennsylvania (PDF)
  • South Dakota (PDF)
  • Texas
  • Utah (PDF)
  • Washington (PDF)
  • Wisconsin (PDF)