NC² Task Force on C595 and C1157 Cements

The NC² Task Force on C595 and C1175 Cements was initiated in order to develop an electronic forum for documenting and exchanging information about the performance characteristics of ASTM C595 / AASHTO M240 and ASTM C1175 cements in concrete for paving and transportation structures.


The objectives of the NC² Cement Task Force are to:

  • Establish an electronic resource (website) to
  • Share state experience with projects that have used ASTM C595/AASHTO M240 and ASTM C1157 cement specifications
  • Share testing and project data from cement manufacturers and other laboratories
  • Post or link to relevant research
  • Develop and post Frequently Asked Questions
  • Identify technology transfer needs and meet those needs
  • Report to NC² on task force activities and recommendations


  • Field Trials of Concretes Produced with Portland Limestone Cement by Michael D.A. Thomas, Doug Hooton, Kevin Cail, Brenton A. Smith, John De Wal, and Kenneth G. Kazanis. PDF
  • Use of Performance Specified (ASTM C1157) Cements in Colorado Transportation Projects: Case Studies by Thomas J. Van Dam and Brooke W. Smartz. PDF
  • Performance Enhancing by Thomas J. Van Dam, Brooke W. Smartz, and Todd Laker. PDF
  • Use of Performance Cements in Colorado and Utah: Laboratory Durability Testing and Case Studies by Todd Laker, Brooke W. Smartz, and Thomas J. Van Dam. PDF
  • State-of-the-Art Report on Use of Limestone in Cements at Levels of up to 15% by P. D. Tennis, M. D. A. Thomas, and W. J. Weiss, 2011. PDF

Task Force Documents

  • Report for TTCC/NC² Task Force on C595 and C1157 Cements by John Melander. PPT
  • Minutes from the Cement Task Force July 2010 meeting. DOC
  • Cement Reciprocity Form. PDF