NC² Meetings

Spring 2021WebinarMaria MastenState Report Summary / Recent Poll 530
Spring 2021WebinarMike PraulFHWA Update 529
Spring 2021WebinarDan MillerBusiness Meeting528
Spring 2021WebinarGeorgene GearyPerformance: Pavement ME Upgrades 527
Spring 2021WebinarLeif WathnePerformance: Pavement Resilience526
Spring 2021WebinarLarry SutterMaterials: Reclaimed/Harvested Fly Ash 525
Spring 2021WebinarJon BelkowitzMaterials: Nano-Silica in Concrete 524
Spring 2021WebinarJamie FarnyMaterials: Portland Limestone Cement 523
Spring 2021WebinarJerod GrossMaterials: Maintaining Smoothness 522
Spring 2021WebinarTyler LeyMaterials: Fast-Setting Patching Materials 521
Spring 2021WebinarDavid WhiteTesting: In Situ Loading of Concrete Overlays on Fabric and Asphalt 520
Spring 2021WebinarMark SnyderTesting: Load Transfer Test Results and Proposed Dowel Specification Changes 519
Spring 2021WebinarJason WeissTesting: Reducing Shrinkage and Restrained Cracking 518
Spring 2021WebinarRick BradburyQC for Paving - Overview517
Spring 2021WebinarTara CavallineQC: A Tool for Agency and Industry 516
Spring 2021WebinarCraig HughesQC: Contractor Perspective 515
Fall 2020WebinarTerry ArnoldAlkali-Silica Reactivity514
Fall 2020WebinarPaul TennisManaging ASR in the Future 513
Fall 2020WebinarKevin FolliardPost-Treatment Work Results/Maintenance of ASR-Affected Structures - FHWA Study 512
Fall 2020WebinarGreg HalstedLight-Weight Cellular Concrete - Industry Experience511
Fall 2020WebinarJames KrstulovichQPL Process & Specs Beginning Experience 510
Fall 2020WebinarEthan BahmerPEM Tests Michigan 509
Fall 2020WebinarDan WadleyPEM Tests Kansas 508
Fall 2020WebinarKevin McMullenPEM Tests Wisconsin 507
Fall 2020WebinarJeff RoeslerDowel/Tie-Bar Interaction Findings506
Fall 2020WebinarMaria MastenDowel/Tie-Bar States Experiences505
Fall 2020WebinarShree RaoDowel Alignment and Joint Score – Implications for Specifications and Performance504
Fall 2020WebinarKatheryn MaluskyNTPEP Testing Programs for Concrete Materials/ Overview of Concrete Materials 503
Fall 2020WebinarDanny LaneNTPEP State Experience - Tennessee502
Fall 2020WebinarDrew WaldropNTPEP - Portland/Blended Cement Program501
Fall 2020WebinarTyler LeyWhy Do We Lose Air During Pumping and Why Does the Air Come Back?500
Fall 2020WebinarBrett TrautmanNRRA Project Update499
Spring 2020Cancelled 498
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTMike Praul, Ahlstrom et alFHWA Updates; SAM PWL Analysis, PRS Shadow Project, TFHRC Update497
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTGordon SmithPEM Update496
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTDan MillerState Reports: Early Opening, Maturity, Strength and Bridge Deck Sealing495
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTLuna LuField Implementation Using EMI494
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTTodd HansonUse of Maturity for Opening to Traffic/Acceptance493
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTSabrina GarberImplementing Maturity Systems for Paving and Bridge Applications492
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTTommy NantungPrecast Pavement State Experience491
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTSteven AustinPrecast Bridge Elements in Texas490
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTDan MillerDecorative Precast Bridge Elements489
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTBill JohnCure and Seal vs Curing Compounds: Basics 101488
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTPaul KraussPolymer Overlay Systems487
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTMark SnyderPavement Engineering and Research Consultants486
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTLarry ScofieldLoad Transfer Device Optimization for Dowel and Tie Bars in Pavement - Design of Longitudinal Joints485
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTEric FerrebeeDowel Bar Placement Methods, Issues, Verification484
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTGary Fick, D MerrittIRI and Real-Time Smoothness Updates Since Implementation483
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTMike MorrisonACI Certification Program482
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTPaul Bushnell, M NeedhamSpec's for Curing Practices - Montana DOT Update481
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTTodd NelsonCuring Procedures to Mitigate Early Age Cracking in Bridge Decks480
Fall 2019Kalispell, MTBill HallHungry Horse Dam Tour Presentation479
Spring 2019Denver, COMike PraulFHWA Updates478
Spring 2019Denver, COGordon SmithPEM Update477
Spring 2019Denver, COEric PrieveState Reports: Tire Chain Wear and Wheel Path Rutting476
Spring 2019Denver, COJon FeldDrilled Shafts and Mass Concrete475
Spring 2019Denver, CODan MillerState Experience with Mass Concrete474
Spring 2019Denver, COAndy PottAccelerated Bridge Construction473
Spring 2019Denver, COLarry SutterSlag472
Spring 2019Denver, COKarthik OblaThe Role of Minimum Cement Contents in Concrete Specifications and Mixture Proportioning471
Spring 2019Denver, COJason WeissFormation Factor - How Do We Impement?470
Spring 2019Denver, COTom BurnhamEarly Loading Pavement Research at MnROAD and NRRA469
Spring 2019Denver, COMaria MastenMnDOT's FRC Roundabout and Joint Activation of 5" FRC Whitetopping468
Spring 2019Denver, COTravis Miller & R LauI-70 Bridge Emergency Reconstruction467
Spring 2019Denver, COJeff RoeslerFiber-Reinforced Concrete for Pavement Overlays: Technical Review466
Spring 2019Denver, COArmen AmirkhanianFiber-Reinforced Concrete for Bridge Decks465
Spring 2019Denver, COCraig KnappUpdate on Caltrans Pilot Projects Using SRAs and Fibers in Bridges464
Spring 2019Denver, COCollin RobinsonHistory, Performance and Use of a Mobile Mixer463
Spring 2019Denver, COJan OlekHow the Prominent Types of Deicers Affect Scaling462
Spring 2019Denver, COTyler LeySAM Testing: Tips, Tricks, Updates, Case Studies461
Spring 2019Denver, COMaria MastenBusiness meeting: election (Spring 2019)460
Spring 2019Denver, COMark SnyderStrategies for Concrete Pavement Preservation: Project Update459
Spring 2019Denver, COSteve TritschCP Tech Center Update458
Spring 2019Denver, COJanet WhitePreview of US Bureau of Reclamation Laboratory Tour457
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYSteve TritschCP Tech Center Update456
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYMike PraulFHWA Updates455
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYMaria MastenState Reports: QC/QA (Agency Materials Testing Requirements) and PEM Status, E-ticketing, or Paperless Construction454
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYGordon SmithPEM Update453
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYMaria MastenMnnesota Experience with FHWA PEM Implementation452
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYTodd HansonIowa Experience with FHWA PEM Implementation451
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYJagan GudimettlaVariability of PEM Tests – FHWA Experience450
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYAl InnisIndustry SAM Testing – Effects of Changing Variables 449
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYTara CavallineConstructing a Quality Product – Balancing Risk and Reward in Changing Times448
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYRick BradburyDevelopment and Use of Effective Quality Plans 447
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYDan DeGraafIndustry Perspective on Quality Control446
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYJames KrstulovichSeasoned Experience with QC/QA445
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYDon StreeterRecent Implementation of QC/QA 444
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYPeter TaylorSalt and Deicers Scaling – Mechanisms and Prevention443
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYTom VanDamFHWA Concrete Pavement Preservation Strategies Update442
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYLuna Lu, T NantungDetermining the Optimized Traffic Opening Time Through an In-situ NDT Method for Concrete Early-Age Properties Monitoring441
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYMathew RoyceUHPC/Precast DOT Experience 440
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYBrian CresenziAccelerated Construction - Using Precast Concrete Deck Panels on the New NY Bridge Approach Spans439
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYDan MoellmanPreview of Fort Miller Plant Field Trip438
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYLee Shepard3:15 Electronic Tickets in E-Construction - Lee Shepard, ICPA437
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYTyler LeyCtag and App for Tracking PP84 Field Implementation436
Fall 2018Saratoga Springs, NYTyson RupnowLADOTD Evaluation of HeadLight: An E-Construction Inspection Technology435
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDGordon SmithPEM Pooled Fund Update434
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDJagan Gudimettla, P TaylorWhat Happens When the FHWA/ISU Trailer Pulls on to the Project?433
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDMike PraulFHWA Updates432
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDAhmad ArdaniTurner Fairbanks Update 431
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDJohn Staton Dan DegraafMichigan Approach to Implementation of Performance Engineered Mixes (PP84) for Pavements430
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDClint Hoops, E Benson, S WittstockIdaho Approach to Implementation of Performance Engineered Mixes (PP84) for Structures429
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDCabell Garbee, A EarwoodNorth Carolina DOT Experience428
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDBrett TrautmanMissouri DOT Experience427
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDTyler LeyAlternate Cementitious Materials426
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDJimmy KnowlesReclaiming Coal Ash to Increase the Quality and Quantity of Spec-Grade Fly Ash425
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDJason WeissDetermining the Formation Factor Using the Bucket Test424
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDMaria MastenState Reports Summary: Types of Reinforcement and Mass Concrete423
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDDavid TrejoReinforcement – Which One to Choose?422
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDJohn BuselACI – Fiber Reinforced Polymer Spec421
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDSteve TritschCP Tech Center Update420
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDLee BernardiIdaho DOT Project Spotlight Lookout Pass419
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDTyler LeyA New Method to Measure Water to Cement Ratio in Fresh Concrete418
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDTyler LeyODOT/MnDOT Formwork Removal Research417
Spring 2018Coeur d'Alene, IDAhmed IbrahimConcrete in an Aggressive Salt Environment416
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNGina AhlstromFHWA Updates415
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNTom CacklerPEM: Introduction to the TPF Status/Activities414
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNMike PraulOverview of FHWA's Plan to Provide Incentives for Pilot Projects413
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNSteve TritschUpdate on AASHTO PP84-17 Specification412
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNJason WeissOverview of Work on Task 3 Measuring and Relating Early-Age Concrete Properties to Performance411
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNTyler LeyOverview of Work on Task 3 Measuring and Relating Early-Age Concrete Properties to Performance410
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNMaria MastenState Reports Summary: Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation409
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNJohn RobertsLatest on Diamond Grinding and Slurry Management 408
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNGordy BruhnCPR Best Practices Partial Depth Repairs407
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNMike DarterCPR Best Practices MoDOT Project406
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNDale HarringtonUpdate on Pavement Distress Manual405
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNDon ElwoodReconstructing Downtown Minneapolis404
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNTara CavallineRecycling ETG/CP Tech Center 403
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNBrett TrautmanMoDOT Recycling Study402
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNSteve GillenIllinois Tollway Update401
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNTom VanBackground on Asset Management / Data Collection / MAP-21400
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNJim Mack, J GregoryIndustry Perspective and Activities to Help Implement MAP-21 Asset Management Requirements399
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNMark RussellDOT Perspective on MAP-21/Pavement Management 398
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNMaria Masten, S Tritsch, G EderDowel Bar Task Force Update and Discussion on More Standardization397
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNSandra LarsonResearch396
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNTyler LeyAir Entrainment Before and After Pumping395
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNChristine Tillema, G MoulzolfForensics / Petrography 394
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNNariman VanakiBuried Treasure, I-394 393
Fall 2017Minneapolis, MNTom BurnhamNRRA – MnROAD Reconstruction Update392
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTSteve Tritsch, J GroveLooking Back on 20 Years of MC2/NC2 391
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTDave Meggers, T LaTorellaKansas K-96 High Performance Concrete Pavement – 20 years later390
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTHeather DyllaFHWA’s Sustainable Pavement Program 389
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTMike PraulFHWA Mobile Concrete Lab388
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTSteve TritschCP Tech Center Updates387
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTMaria MastenState Reports Summary: Bridge Deck Overlays/Approaches386
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTMehdi ParviniState Presentation: Precast Concrete Pavements Update (Caltrans)385
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTLonnie MarchantState Presentation: Polyester Concrete (Utah)384
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTTommy NantungState Presentation: Indiana Research on Early Opening to Traffic of Pavement Patches383
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTJason WeissState Presentation: Indiana Research on Early Opening to Traffic of Pavement Patches382
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTJames KrstulovichState Presentation: Illinois Early-Age Response to Fatigue Loading 381
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTTommy NantungState Presentation: Concrete Shrinkage and Its Relationship to Internal Curing (Indiana)380
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTJason WeissState Presentation: Concrete Shrinkage and Its Relationship to Internal Curing (Indiana)379
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTBrett TrautmanNRRA Update378
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTTyson RupnowRCC Future: Results from LTRC’s Accelerated Loading Facility 377
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTJohn KevernLaboratory and Fatigue Evaluation of Continuously Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavement376
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTRafic MinkaraToday’s Fly Ash With a Look Toward Tomorrow’s Fly Ash375
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTColin LoboASR: Harmonization with ASTM374
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTAnol MukhopadhyayASR: Emerging VCMD (Aggregate) and ACCT (Concrete) Test Methods for Formulating Performance Based ASR-Resistant Concrete Mixes373
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTAndy NaranjoASR: TX ASR Exposure Sites Update372
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTNeal FanninASR: PennDOT Experience Implementing PP65371
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTLieska HalseyASR: Nebraska Experience Implementing PP65370
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTMaria MastenDowel Bar TPF369
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTJagan GudimettlaHIPERPAVE368
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTJoe KammererMountain View Corridor Technical Tour Presentation367
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTMike PraulPEM: FHWA Perspective366
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTCecil JonesPEM: AASHTO PP84365
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTPeter TaylorPEM: TPF Solicitation Update364
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTJafar AllahhamShrinkage Testing363
Spring 2017Salt Lake City, UTJason WeissShrinkage Testing - Tests Available: Pro's and Con's362
Fall 2016San Antonio, TXSteve TritschCP Tech Technical Products Update361
Fall 2016San Antonio, TX Training Matrix for Future Tech Transfer Priorities360
Fall 2016San Antonio, TXPeter TaylorPerformance Engineered Mixtures (PEM) Update359
Fall 2016San Antonio, TX CP Road Map358
Fall 2016San Antonio, TXMaria MastenSummary of TTCC State Surveys357
Fall 2016San Antonio, TX TTCC State Surveys356
Spring 2016Columbus, OHCecil JonesPEM: Provisional spec update355
Spring 2016Columbus, OHPeter TaylorPEM: Summaries of 2015 testing354
Spring 2016Columbus, OHTim CostPEM: ASTM C1753 test protocol353
Spring 2016Columbus, OHTom CacklerRecycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) survey results352
Spring 2016Columbus, OHJerod GrossUpdates on new CP Tech products351
Spring 2016Columbus, OHGina AhlstromFHWA Updates350
Spring 2016Columbus, OHTyson RupnowALF testing of RCC349
Spring 2016Columbus, OHNizar Lajnef, I ZaabarSelf-powered sensors for concrete348
Spring 2016Columbus, OHTyson RupnowFiber-reinforced PCC study (Phase 1)347
Spring 2016Columbus, OHMaria MastenState reports summary - HPC/fibers/overlays/cracking/SCMs/SRAs346
Spring 2016Columbus, OHCraig KnappCaltrans - state report summary345
Spring 2016Columbus, OHZach CollierLouisiana - state report summary344
Spring 2016Columbus, OHMaria MastenBusiness meeting: election343
Spring 2016Columbus, OHTom Burnham, M MastenDowel Bar Task Force Update342
Spring 2016Columbus, OHDavid DarwinHPC/UHPC for bridges: bridge deck cracking341
Spring 2016Columbus, OHTyler LeyBridge deck curing systems340
Spring 2016Columbus, OHSherif El-TawilNon-proprietary UHPC339
Spring 2016Columbus, OHDeWayne WilsonEvaluation of performance-based concrete bridge decks338
Spring 2016Columbus, OHJohn Staton, D DeGraafImplementing HPC requirements state and industry panel337
Spring 2016Columbus, OHCharles HanskatShotcrete specifications: an intro to the shotcrete process336
Spring 2016Columbus, OHDan MillerShotcreting project experience335
Spring 2016Columbus, OHJason Weiss, T Nantung, T ZanderInternal curing for bridges case studies: Indiana334
Spring 2016Columbus, OHSteve GillenInternal curing for bridges case studies: Illinois Tollway333
Spring 2016Columbus, OHDen MendelJeremiah Morrow Bridge technical tour presentation332
Fall 2015MilwaukeeJoe OlsonWelcome331
Fall 2015MilwaukeeTyler LeyUpdate on SAM and Box Test330
Fall 2015MilwaukeeRobert SpragueJoint Durability and Formation Factor329
Fall 2015MilwaukeeSteve GillenPerformance Specifications - Tollway Experience328
Fall 2015MilwaukeeJagan GudimettlaFHWA Mobile Lab - Recent Experience327
Fall 2015MilwaukeeMaria MastenState Reports - Joints Survey326
Fall 2015MilwaukeeKevin McMullenWisconsin Unsealed Joint Performance325
Fall 2015MilwaukeeTommy NantungSawcutting Research in Indiana324
Fall 2015MilwaukeeLieska HalseyEvaluation of Sealers Field Performance323
Fall 2015MilwaukeeLarry SutterField Studies on Penetrating Sealers322
Fall 2015MilwaukeeGina AhlstromFHWA Updates321
Fall 2015MilwaukeeLarry ScofieldLTPP Program320
Fall 2015MilwaukeeTom BurnhamDowel Bar Task Force319
Fall 2015MilwaukeeTom BurnhamNRRA Pooled Fund318
Fall 2015MilwaukeeRyan LuckZoo Interchange317
Fall 2015MilwaukeeSteve KosmatkaConcrete Research Network316
Fall 2015MilwaukeeGina AhlstromPEM & QA315
Fall 2015MilwaukeeTom Van DamPEM Specification314
Fall 2015MilwaukeeDale HarringtonCP Tech Tech Transfer Products313
Fall 2015MilwaukeeBruce RammeCombustion Products for Concrete312
Spring 2015RenoMaria MastenNCC Background311
Spring 2015RenoAhmad ArdaniAssessing Air Void System of Fresh Concrete using SAM310
Spring 2015RenoMaria MastenState Reports on Curing Presentation309
Spring 2015RenoDave MeggersInternal Curing Research on US 54 in Allen Co., KS308
Spring 2015RenoSteve GillenUpdate-IL Tollway HPC Bridge Decks307
Spring 2015RenoSpencer GuthrieInternal Curing of Concrete Bridge Decks in Utah306
Spring 2015RenoKevin McMullenHP Curing compounds for Concrete Pavement in Wisconsin305
Spring 2015RenoTom Van DamCurling and Warping of Concrete Pavements304
Spring 2015RenoDan ZollingerUpdate on Curing Test Method & Pumping Model 303
Spring 2015RenoGina AhlstromFHWA Updates: Sustainable Pavements, Mix Designs, Quality Assurance302
Spring 2015RenoJason WeissInternal Curing301
Spring 2015RenoPeter TaylorPerformance Engineered Mixtures300
Spring 2015RenoJason WeissConcrete Durability Performance Specifications299
Spring 2015RenoJason WeissPlan to Move Resistivity (Formation Factor) Specifications Ahead298
Spring 2015RenoTyler LeyUpdate on Testing Methods297
Spring 2015RenoJason WeissChanges in Cement Fineness and Implications for Performance296
Spring 2015RenoTim CostUpdate on PLC and the Potential for Enhanced SCM Performance295
Spring 2015RenoEric BescherCalcium Sulfoaluminate-Belite Concrete: Structure, Properties, Practice294
Spring 2015RenoMehdi ParviniCA Experience with Rapid Setting Patching Materials293
Spring 2015RenoSteve GillenPerformance Updates on Rapid Setting Patching Materials-IL292
Spring 2015RenoAndy NaranjoRapid Setting Patching-TxDOT291
Spring 2015RenoEric PrieveCDOT's SCM History and Usage290
Spring 2015RenoBen FranklinFly Ash Supply and Quality289
Spring 2015RenoThomas AdamsCoal Ash Regulatory Update288
Spring 2015RenoTara CavallineFuture Research Topics for Funding287
Spring 2015RenoLieska HalseyCement Reciprocity Update286
Spring 2015RenoMark SnyderDowel Bar Task Force Update285
Spring 2015RenoTom CacklerFinancial Report284
Spring 2015RenoGregory HalstedUpdate on CRC Pavements283
Spring 2015RenoJeremy GregoryMIT Concrete Science Durability Program282
Spring 2015RenoPeter TaylorResearch Activites at the CP Tech Center281
Spring 2015RenoDale HarringtonTechnology Deployment at the CP Tech Center280
Fall 2014OmahaMaria MastenNCC AGGREGATE SURVEY 279
Fall 2014OmahaBob DawsonIowa DOT278
Fall 2014OmahaAndy NaranjoTexas DOT277
Fall 2014OmahaTyler LeyUpdate on the Freeze Thaw Pooled Fund 276
Fall 2014OmahaFaith BektasCarbonate Aggregate in Concrete275
Fall 2014OmahaTom BurnhamMnROAD Concrete Pavement Research – Recent Observations 274
Fall 2014OmahaDrew WaldropAlabama Moratorium on Limestone Update273
Fall 2014OmahaCharles NmaiMicrosphere-Based Admixture for Frost-Resistant Concrete 272
Fall 2014OmahaLarry SutterA Summary of NCHRP Project 18-13 and Some Other Stuff 271
Fall 2014OmahaTyler LeyAggregate Proportioning and Gradation for Slip Formed Pavements 270
Fall 2014OmahaPrasad RangarajuIntegrating MCPT-Based ASR Testing into Performance-Based Specification of Concrete Mixtures 269
Fall 2014OmahaDave HowardHistory of Concrete Paving268
Fall 2014OmahaDavid WhiteImproving the Foundation Layers for Concrete Pavements TPF-5(183) 267
Fall 2014OmahaMatthew ZellerContractor Participation in Building Quality Pavements266
Fall 2014OmahaGina AhlstromFHWA UPDATE 265
Fall 2014OmahaRoy MartinGeology of Weeping Water, Nebraska264
Fall 2014OmahaWade GreimanI 680 Reconstruction263
Fall 2014OmahaTommy NantungPatching of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement 262
Fall 2014OmahaJohn StatonMichigan Rapid Set Pavement Repairs261
Fall 2014OmahaTom BurnhamDowel Bar Task Force Report260
Fall 2014OmahaLieska HalseyCement Reciprocity Task Force Report259
Fall 2014OmahaPeter TaylorPerformance Engineered Mixes Update258
Fall 2014OmahaTodd HansonTTCC Pooled Fund TPF Transition Update257
Spring 2014JacksonvilleHeather McLeodUpdate on Kansas Research256
Spring 2014JacksonvilleEric KoehlerRethinking Concrete Delivery for Increased Quality255
Spring 2014JacksonvilleGina AhlstromSustainable Pavements254
Spring 2014JacksonvilleStephen CooperSHRP2 Update253
Spring 2014JacksonvilleTyson RupnowState Research Data Reports Summary252
Spring 2014JacksonvillePeter TaylorResearching Research251
Spring 2014JacksonvilleTom BurnhamMnDOT Concrete Pavement Research250
Spring 2014JacksonvilleSteve GillenIllinois Tollway Concrete Research Update 249
Spring 2014JacksonvilleJames KrstulovichBridge Deck Construction and Crack Research248
Spring 2014JacksonvilleDavis DiggsDG Slurry Disposal247
Spring 2014JacksonvillePeter TaylorDurability/Performance Engineered Mixtures246
Spring 2014JacksonvilleJason WeissMeasuring Transport Properties in Concrete245
Spring 2014JacksonvilleAl InnisPortland Limestone Cements244
Spring 2014JacksonvilleLieska HalseyNebraska's 2014 Spec on Blended Cements243
Spring 2014JacksonvilleKameron WilliamsIndustry Perspective on Nebraska's Spec242
Spring 2014JacksonvilleDale HarringtonCP Tech Center Technology Deployment241
Spring 2014JacksonvillePeter TaylorTesting Tests240
Spring 2014JacksonvilleHeather McLeodNavigating the NCHRP Funding Process239
Spring 2014JacksonvilleJason WeissInternal Curing238
Spring 2014JacksonvilleBrett BrunnerPost-Tensioning Grout Performance237
Spring 2014JacksonvilleJames GreeneState Materials Office Concrete Research236
Spring 2014JacksonvilleMaria MastenElection Process235
Spring 2014JacksonvilleHeather McLeodRecommendations Regarding TRB Research Priorities234
Spring 2014JacksonvillePrasad RangarajuFuture of ASR Testing: Miniature Concrete Prism Test (AASHTO TP 111)233
Spring 2014JacksonvilleJohn StatonMC2 Cement Reciprocity Agreement232
Spring 2014JacksonvilleSteven DusseaultPort of Miami Tunnel Project231
Spring 2014JacksonvilleTom YuFHWA/ACI Seminar on Performance Specification for Concrete230
Fall 2013AshevilleNilesh SurtiWelcome NCC To NC229
Fall 2013AshevilleJerry VoigtACPA Guide Specification Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement228
Fall 2013AshevilleAndy JohnsonSC DOT Experience With RCC227
Fall 2013AshevilleDan VippermanRCC-Contractor's Perspective226
Fall 2013AshevilleGary FickGuide to Concrete Overlays, 3rd Edition225
Fall 2013AshevilleDale HarringtonConcrete Pavement Preservation Manual Update224
Fall 2013AshevilleBrent BurwellUsing Concrete Overlays as a Preservation Treatment223
Fall 2013AshevilleJulie VandenbosscheDesign of Concrete Overlays 222
Fall 2013AshevilleTom BurnhamUse of Fibers in Concrete Overlays at MnROAD 221
Fall 2013AshevillePeter TaylorDurability Synthesis220
Fall 2013AshevilleRhonda TaylorFlorida’s Concrete Test Road 219
Fall 2013AshevilleGina AhlstromFHWA Pavement Direction Under MAP-21218
Fall 2013AshevilleDaron HodgesSummary of State Reports on Performance Assumptions Used to Support LCCA217
Fall 2013AshevilleEd SullivanNew Economic Realities216
Fall 2013AshevilleJim MackRobust Pavement Management Solutions Using LCCA Analysis 215
Fall 2013AshevilleEric RossFHWA Update214
Fall 2013AshevilleButch CrawfordPavement Type Selection213
Fall 2013AshevilleButch WlashchinFederal Perspective212
Fall 2013AshevilleDavid LuhrState Perspective211
Fall 2013AshevilleLeif WathneIndustry Perspective210
Fall 2013AshevilleRichard BurleyNC Technical Tour Intro209
Fall 2013AshevilleTyler LeyUpdate on the SAM Project208
Fall 2013AshevilleMax GroggResearch Opportunities: Funding PCC Research207
Fall 2013AshevillePeter TaylorTTCC/NCC Relationship, Ongoing Priorities, CP Road Map206
Fall 2013AshevilleMaria MastenInvestigation in Performance of Full-Depth Repairs205
Fall 2013AshevilleJudith Corley-LayMAP-21 and Pavement Performance Measures204
Fall 2013AshevilleHeather McLeodThe Kansas SPS-2 Lessons Learned203
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaPeter TaylorDurability Synthesis202
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaDaniel DeGraafConcrete Roundabouts201
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaDavid McDonaldHigh performance fusion-bonded epoxy-coated dowels 200
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaMark SnyderACPA’s New Dowel Alignment Specification 199
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaGordon SmithConcrete Cracks198
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaJohn MelanderPerformance of Concrete Made With Slag Cement and Portland-Limestone Blended Cement 197
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaTom Cost Update – Performance of C595 / M 240 Type IL Portland-Limestone Cement 196
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaTom CostPerformance of Typical Concrete Mixtures for Transportation Structures as Influenced by Portland-Limestone Cements from Five Sources 195
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaDan MoellmanPrecast Pavement Construction Using the Super-Slab System194
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaGary CrawfordMAP-21 FHWA's Concrete Pavement Technology Implementation Plan193
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaJeremy GregoryLife cycle cost and environmental assessment research at MIT’s Concrete Sustainability Hub 192
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaPeter TaylorMix Design and Analysis Track Pooled Fund TAC Meeting TPF 5(205) 191
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaEzgi YurdakulEffect of Paste-to-Voids Volume Ratio on the Performance of Concrete Mixtures 190
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaJiake ZhangMIP of Cementitious Pastes 189
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaDale HarringtonCP Tech Center Updates188
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaGary FickThin Unbonded Concrete Overlay in Plano, Texas 187
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaPeter TaylorHigh Performance Ultrathin CRCP in South Africa 186
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaJeffery RoeslerThinner Concrete Pavement Technologies 185
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaJuan CovarrubiasTCP® Design Optimized Concrete Pavements184
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaTom BurnhamThin Concrete Pavements and Overlays - Ongoing MnROAD Research 183
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaPeter TaylorTechnology Rodeo182
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaBrett TrautmanNCC Executive Committee Elections181
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaPeter TaylorProposals and Task Groups 180
Spring 2013PhiladelphiaMaria MastenMnDOT's Experience with IRI Specifications179
Fall 2012SeattleTommy NantungEvauluation of Test Methods for Permeability and Development of Performance Guidelines for Durability TPF-5178
Fall 2012SeattleDan DeGraafDurability Based Specifications177
Fall 2012SeattleNicholas MatererRFID Based Sensors for Concrete 176
Fall 2012SeattleNancy WhitingHFT To Determine Aggregate Freeze-Thaw Durability 175
Fall 2012SeattleJeff UhlmeyerThe LTPP SPS-2 Pavement Preservation Experiment174
Fall 2012SeattleJohn RobertsDiamond Grinding Slurry Best Management Practices173
Fall 2012SeattleBob RisserCRSI and Reinforcing Steel Update172
Fall 2012SeattleJohn KevernEffect of Joint Cutting Method on the Durability of Concrete Pavements171
Fall 2012SeattleDale HarringtonGuidance for Characterization of Existing Asphalt Pavement Prior to Concrete Overlays170
Fall 2012SeattleSuneel VanikarStrategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2)169
Fall 2012SeattleSuneel VanikarThe FHWA Sustainable Pavements Program168
Fall 2012SeattleSuneel VanikarAASHTO Guide Spec on RCA167
Fall 2012SeattleJason IdekerAlkali-Silica Reactivity of Recycled Concrete Aggregates166
Fall 2012SeattleTom CacklerCP Road Map Future Direction165
Fall 2012SeattleWayne AdaskaRCC Applications Update164
Fall 2012SeattleTyler LeyMeasuring the Quality of the Air Void System in Fresh Paste163
Fall 2012SeattleJeffery RoeslerThird Workshop on Innovations and Modeling for Sustainable and Resilient Concrete Pavements162
Fall 2012SeattleLarry SutterImplementation of Portland Limestone Cements161
Fall 2012SeattleNigel ParkesOptiPave™ Design Software and TCPavement® System160
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityRobert FeliceFreeze Thaw Durablity of Modern Concrete Mixtures159
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityAmir HajibabaeeImpact of Curing Methods on Curling of Concrete Pavements158
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityTim Cost Portland-Limestone Cement: Synergies that Enhance Concrete Performance157
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityRobert RasmussenReal-Time Smoothness Measurements During Construction156
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityColin LoboRecycled Wash Water Crushed Returned Concrete155
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityKelvin Wang3D Laser Imaging at Highway Speed154
Spring 2012Oklahoma CitySuneel VanikarFHWA Update153
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityThomas YuTRB Synthesis Topics Needed152
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityThomas YuA New NDT Tool For Pavement Evaluation: Step-Frequency GPR151
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityPeter TaylorJoint Durability150
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityPeter TaylorMix Design and Analysis Track Pooled Fund TAC MeetingTPF 5(205)149
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityTom CacklerCP Road Map Update148
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityLinda NarigonTTC/NC2 Semi-Annual Meeting147
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityJohn MelanderAASHTO M240 & ASTM C595 An Option To Improve Sustainability146
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityDale HarringtonOpportunity in Concrete Pavement Technology Deployment145
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityJoe BrunoInnovations In Mobile Mapping and Terrestrial LiDAR Collection for the TTCC and NCC144
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityMaria MastenAnchoring Dowel Basket Assemblies143
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityJohn PrivratAnchoring Dowel Baskets142
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityJeff ReidDowel Basket Anchoring Options141
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityKevin MerrymanPCC Overlays140
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityJulie VandenbosscheThickness Design of Thin Concrete Overlays139
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityRobert RasmussenNonwoven Geotextile Interlayers for Concrete Pavements and Overlays138
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityTom BurnhamUBOL Fabric Interlayer Research & UCOCP Design Procedure Pooled Fund137
Spring 2012Oklahoma CityBrett TrautmanElections to the NCC Executive Committee136
Spring 2012Oklahoma CitySteve TritschChanges to AASHTO 253 and 254 related to Dowel Standardization135
Spring 2012Oklahoma CitySteve TritschCorrosion-Resistant Coated Dowel Bars 134
Spring 2012Oklahoma CitySteve TritschJoint Deterioration Problem Statement133
Spring 2012Oklahoma CitySteve TritschTRB AFN 10: Basic Research and Emerging Technologies in Concrete132
Fall 2011Rapid CityGina AhlstromFHWA's Sustainable Pavements TWG131
Fall 2011Rapid CityJon OchsendorfLCA/LCCA130
Fall 2011Rapid CityGina AhlstromRCA Technical Deployment Plan129
Fall 2011Rapid CityDale HarringtonNCC Technical Training Opportunity in CP Technology128
Fall 2011Rapid CityDale HarringtonPartial Depth Repair Guide127
Fall 2011Rapid CityFrans-Joseph UlmPavement Vehicle Interaction126
Fall 2011Rapid CityDavid WhitePavement Foundations TPF 5(183)125
Fall 2011Rapid CityTom CacklerJoints Overview124
Fall 2011Rapid CityPeter TaylorJoint Deterioration Findings To Date123
Fall 2011Rapid CityDale HarringtonJoint Rehab with Thin Overlays 122
Fall 2011Rapid CityTyson RupnowTernary Mixes Using High SCMs 121
Fall 2011Rapid CityPeter TaylorMix Track Update120
Fall 2011Rapid CitySteve GillenIllinois Tollways Approach to Sustainable Pavements119
Fall 2011Rapid CityBen FranklinUpdate on Use of Fly Ash118
Fall 2011Rapid CityMaria MastenConcrete Delivery Time Update117
Fall 2011Rapid CityLarry ScofieldPavement Management and Concrete Pavements116
Fall 2011Rapid CityGary CrawfordOverview of FHWA/AASHTO Implementation Efforts115
Fall 2011Rapid CityJim MackUnderstanding the MEPDG114
Fall 2011Rapid CityTommy NantungSensitivity Analysis113
Fall 2011Rapid CityBrett TrautmanMissouri Experience112
Fall 2011Rapid CityDavid WhitePavement Foundation Considerations for DARWin-ME111
Fall 2011Rapid CityBrett TrautmanCommittee Report on DOT Technical Support110
Fall 2011Rapid CityDale HarringtonUS 18 Unbonded Overlay Under Traffic109
Fall 2011Rapid City US 18 Pavement Overlay Drive Thru Invitation108
Spring 2011IndianapolisTyler LeyMEPDG Design Considerations for Accelerated Construction107
Spring 2011IndianapolisJim GroveFast Track in Iowa106
Spring 2011IndianapolisKevin MerrymanMaturity in Iowa105
Spring 2011IndianapolisDan DeGraafMix Considerations for Accelerated Construction104
Spring 2011IndianapolisMatt RossMilling/Grinding Equipment103
Spring 2011IndianapolisHua ChenKaty Freeway-Houston102
Spring 2011IndianapolisJim HicksFly Ash Cements-Ceratech101
Spring 2011IndianapolisMauricio RuizDFW Airport100
Spring 2011IndianapolisPeter TaylorMix Design Track Update99
Spring 2011IndianapolisPeter TaylorPavement Joint Deterioration98
Spring 2011IndianapolisJason WeissSalt-Concrete Interation as Relates to Premature Deterioration97
Spring 2011IndianapolisJason WeissJoint Deterioration96
Spring 2011IndianapolisPeter TaylorAir System Requirements95
Spring 2011IndianapolisTyler LeyAir Entrained Concrete Research94
Spring 2011IndianapolisRobert RasmussenSurface Characteristics93
Spring 2011IndianapolisDan ZollingerMeasuring the Effectiveness of Curing Materials 92
Spring 2011IndianapolisDale HarringtonCP Tech Center National Training and T2 Products91
Spring 2011IndianapolisTyson RupnowMerging TRB Research Needs Statements and TTCC/NCC Research Needs90
Spring 2011IndianapolisLarry SutterConcrete Materials Technology Research and Implementation Program89
Spring 2011IndianapolisGary FickOverview of FHWA's QA/QC Program Overview88
Spring 2011IndianapolisGary CrawfordHIPT QC Program87
Spring 2011IndianapolisMike ByersI 465/70 Project Tour Briefing86
Spring 2011IndianapolisBrett TrautmanElection of Executive Committee Members85
Spring 2011IndianapolisSteve TritschChange to AASHTO M254 T25384
Fall 2010SacramentoMark SnyderDowel Bar Standardization 83
Fall 2010SacramentoTyson RupnowCement Task Force Report82
Fall 2010SacramentoTom CacklerNational Training81
Fall 2010SacramentoGary FickReal-Time Smoothness80
Fall 2010SacramentoMauricio RuizSmart Cure79
Fall 2010SacramentoRobert KennedyTwo-Lift Paving Equipment78
Fall 2010SacramentoDale HarringtonStringless Paving77
Fall 2010SacramentoRobert RasmussenQuiet Pavements76
Fall 2010SacramentoRonald GuntertNarrow Profile Paving75
Spring 2010SavannahPeter TaylorMix Design Track74
Spring 2010SavannahPeter TaylorMix Design and Analysis Pooled Fund73
Spring 2010SavannahTyler LeyAir Voids72
Spring 2010SavannahGary FickMix Design71
Spring 2010SavannahPeter TaylorSustainability Track70
Spring 2010SavannahMaria MastenDowel Bar Standardization69
Spring 2010SavannahPeter TaylorJoint Deterioration Overview68
Spring 2010SavannahPeter TaylorImpacts on Joints67
Spring 2010SavannahJohn MelanderTask Force Reports on Cements66
Spring 2010SavannahChristie AndersonTransportation Curriculum Coordinating Council (TCCC)65
Spring 2010SavannahAntonio TorresFHWA-ACI Cooperative Agreement-Concrete Seminars64
Spring 2010SavannahDale HarringtonConcrete Overlay Technology63
Spring 2010SavannahGary FickOverlay Costs62
Spring 2010SavannahGina AhlstromASR Protocols61
Spring 2010SavannahSabrina GarberCP Road Map Strategic Plan60
Spring 2010SavannahRobert RasmussenSurface Characteristics Pooled Fund59
Spring 2010SavannahMark SnyderLong Life Pavements58
Spring 2010SavannahDAle HarringtonIntro to New Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Guide57
Spring 2010SavannahJoe SheffieldGeorgia56
Spring 2010SavannahBrett TrautmanMissouri55
Spring 2010SavannahAndy JohnsonSouth Carolina54
Fall 2009St. LouisPeter TaylorMix Design and Analysis Track53
Fall 2009St. LouisTyler LeyTest Methods to Evaluate the Air Void System in Fresh Concrete52
Fall 2009St. LouisPaul TikalskyTernary Mixes51
Fall 2009St. LouisLarry SutterPaste Quality50
Fall 2009St. LouisPeter TaylorJoint Deterioration49
Fall 2009St. LouisTommy NantungPermeability Testing48
Fall 2009St. LouisPaul WiegandCP Road Map Update47
Fall 2009St. LouisDavid WhiteImproving Foundations Layers for Concrete Pavements46
Fall 2009St. LouisMatt ZellerDowel Basket Standardization Recommendations45
Fall 2009St. LouisCarlos HaddadDowel Basket Attachment 44
Fall 2009St. LouisDale HarringtonOverlay Field Application Support43
Fall 2009St. Louis JonesInternal Curing42
Fall 2009St. LouisMalcolm LimCrack Initiators41
Fall 2009St. LouisPeter TaylorSustainable Concrete Paving40
Fall 2009St. LouisJohn MelanderIndustry Initiatives in Sustainability39
Fall 2009St. LouisAlan GeeCement Manufacturing Overview38
Fall 2009St. LouisAlan GeeQC/QA in Cement Manufacturing37
Fall 2009St. LouisAlan InnisASTM C-150 and AASHTO M-8536
Fall 2009St. LouisNick PopoffASTM C-595 and C-1157 Recent Changes35
Fall 2009St. LouisNick PopoffCanadian and European Cement Standards34
Fall 2009St. LouisJohn MelanderCement Standards of the Future33
Fall 2009St. Louis State Reports - Responses to Questions on Cement Specifications32
Spring 2009San AntonioDan JohnstonUpdate on Joint Deterioration Pooled Fund31
Spring 2009San AntonioGary CrawfordASR-National Perspective30
Spring 2009San AntonioBrian MerrillASR-Texas Activities29
Spring 2009San AntonioDavid WhitingTPF 5 (179) Update28
Spring 2009San AntonioTommy Cackler MDA Pooled Fund and Track Update27
Spring 2009San AntonioDale HarringtonUpdates: IMCP Training on Demand Modules and Overlays26
Spring 2009San AntonioSteven CramerAggregates + Nanotechnology = Cost Effective High Performance Concrete25
Spring 2009San AntonioGlenn EderDowel Basket Standardization: Variables24
Spring 2009San AntonioJohn StatonDowel Basket Standardization23
Spring 2009San AntonioJohn StatonDowel Basket Standardization Questionnaire Results22
Spring 2009San AntonioRon MeskisDowel Placement Tolerances21
Spring 2009San AntonioPaul WiegandCP Road Map20
Spring 2009San AntonioJim GroveFHWA's QC/QA Program19
Spring 2009San AntonioRalph BrowneThermal Stresses in Large Section Transportation Projects18
Spring 2009San AntonioTed FerragutCRCP: The National View17
Spring 2009San AntonioMoon WonCRCP: The Texas View16
Spring 2009San AntonioSteven TritschDowel Bar Issues and Alternatives in Pavements15
Spring 2009San AntonioWilliam NickasConcrete Bridges: The National Picture14
Spring 2009San AntonioPaul KraussBridge Deck Issues13
Spring 2009San AntonioMary RallsAccelerating Bridge Construction-Modular, SPMT12
Fall 2008MinneapolisPeter TaylorJoint Deterioration11
Fall 2008MinneapolisDoug SchwartzDeterioration of Concrete Pavement in Minnesota 10
Fall 2008MinneapolisLarry SutterDeleterious Effects of Deicing Solutions9
Fall 2008MinneapolisDoug HootonDeicer Scaling Resistance Pooled Fund Study8
Fall 2008MinneapolisToy PooleJoint Damage (Offutt AFB-Nebraska)7
Fall 2008MinneapolisJan OlekJoint Deterioration in Indiana6
Fall 2008MinneapolisTommy NantungEvaluation of Test Methods for Permeability and Guidelines for Durability PFS5
Fall 2008MinneapolisTom CacklerCP Tech Center Overview of Trainings/Workshops4
Fall 2008MinneapolisPeter TaylorCalorimetry Overview3
Fall 2008MinneapolisDile HoltonIsothermal Calorimetry of Cement2
Fall 2008MinneapolisTim CostPractical Semi-Adiabatic Calorimetry for Concrete Mixture Evaluation1