Evaluation of Resistivity Meters for Concrete Quality Assurance

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University of Missouri, Kansas City


Concrete, Concrete construction, Distress, Durability, Electrical resistivity, Life cycle analysis, Quality assurance (QA)

Project description

The objective of this study is to develop appropriate test protocols for implementation of the surface resistivity test method as a quality assurance tool for new construction and for potential evaluation of existing structures in Missouri. Resistivity testing is currently the single simplest and lowest cost technique available to improve concrete life cycle. Missourians will benefit through better quality, lower permeability concrete increasing concrete life cycle, reducing durability distresses, and required reconstruction. Quarterly Progress Report (Oct-Dec 2013): The Request for Proposals was posted to the Research website on November 5, 2013. Proposals were due Thursday December 5, 2013 and two proposals were received. The technical advisory team met on December 19, 2013. The proposal from UMKC led by Dr. John Kevern was selected. Dr. Kevern began developing his work plan and budget to be included in the Task Order. The contract will be signed and executed at the beginning of this upcoming quarter.