Performance of Bridge Deck Overlays in Virginia: Phase I: State of Overlays

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Soundar S.G. Balakumaran, Ph.D., P.E., and Richard E. Weyers, Ph.D., P.E


Virginia Department of Transportation, FHWA


Bridge decks, Deterioration, Overlays (Pavements), Service life, State of the practice

Project description

Maintaining the existing transportation infrastructure is a major concern of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). The increased user travel costs, safety concerns, and financial burdens involved in replacing deteriorating decks are reasons for finding appropriate rehabilitation actions that can safely extend the service life of structures. Virginia has been a leader in employing overlays as a rehabilitation method for bridge decks. VDOT’s Manual of the Structure and Bridge Division contains guidance for the decision-making process related to maintenance and repair of structures. Yet there is a need to update the guidelines based on contemporary experience and the knowledge gained through technological advances. This report presents and discusses the preliminary findings of Phase I of a multi-phase study to determine the performance of bridge deck overlays in Virginia. Phase I focused on obtaining information regarding the experiences of VDOT’s nine districts with regard to their use of different kinds of overlays and the factors that influence which overlays are used. In addition, VDOT’s bridge inventory was analyzed to gain an understanding of the types of overlay systems used in Virginia.