Zero Speed Profiler Assessment for Pavement Smoothness and Continuous Pavement Texture Measurements

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Sue Gresavage, Patrick Szary, Michael Boxer, John Hencken


Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology


Continuously reinforced concrete pavements (CRC pavements), Highway bridges, Pavement distress, Pavement maintenance, Preservation, Rehabilitation (Maintenance), Skid resistance, Smoothness, Specifications, speed, State of the art, Texture, Urban highways

Project description

The primary goal of this proposal is to evaluate a state of the art technology in roadway profiling called Zero Speed Profiling. Conceptually developed under NCHRP Project 10-93, “Measuring, Characterizing, and Reporting Pavement Roughness of Low-Speed and Urban Roads,” this research study will evaluate the methodologies and concepts proposed in NCHRP 10-93 on New Jersey pavements and bridges. It is anticipated that with successful implementation, the Zero Speed Profiler will provide a better assessment of the current pavement profile when compared to the High Speed Profiler. A more realistic and comprehensive pavement surface assessment will result in better decisions regarding how to preserve or rehabilitate the pavement. The first implementation task to be proposed will be presentations of research findings to the NJDOT, NJ State asphalt industry and federal agency members (FAA and FHWA). The second Implementation task proposed will be a workshop consisting of how the Zero Speed Profiler and its respective capabilities can be beneficial to local, state, and federal agencies required to monitor highways. Lastly, based on the availability of the interested agencies, it will be recommended that the technologies be introduced through pilot projects to create a real-world scenario where the Zero Speed Profiler can be utilized and the proposed specification be evaluated thoroughly prior to full implementation.