InTrans / May 15, 2023

InTrans graduate student receives women’s group award

Nazik Çıtır

Nazik Çıtır, spring 2023 graduate in civil engineering with the Institute for Transportation (InTrans), has pretty much always been an engineer in the making. As a child, Çıtır always seemed to be problem-solving with one big goal in mind: helping the world be a better place for all.

And to Çıtır, her studies in transportation have taken her down technical and personal roads in engineering.

Not only is Çıtır driving projects making road travel safer and more efficient, but she is expanding her impact in engineering by building up and empowering women as an ambassador and past president of the Graduate Society of Women Engineers.

Çıtır’s efforts to support fellow women engineers helped her to recently earn the Guiding Star award from the Society of Women Engineers, an award given to women who have been involved in the society for two years or more and did an outstanding job with their team.

Learn more about Çıtır and her award in the Iowa State University College of Engineering News article.