CP Road Map

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Second-generation CP Road Map

Volume I and Volume II
of the second-generation CP Road Map, with updated tracks and problem statements.

Recent and in-progress research by track

Find up-to-date research organized by CP Road Map tracks in a
searchable database.

CP Road Map E-News

The July 2019 issue of the CP Road Map E-News is now available.

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New publications

New Moving Advancements into Practice (MAP) brief

MAP brief

The July 2019 MAP brief summarizes field research on optimized joint spacing with and without fibers on low-volume roads.

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Building Sustainable Pavements with Concrete

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A briefing document on Building
Sustainable Pavements with Concrete
has been published under
Track 12:Concrete Pavement Sustainability.

Updated Research Tracks

The updated tracks listed below are currently the most active.

Priority Tracks

  1. Materials and Mixes for Concrete Pavements
  2. Performance-Based Design Guide for New and Rehabilitated Concrete Pavements
  3. Intelligent Construction Systems and Quality Assurance for Concrete Pavements
  4. Optimized Surface Characteristics for Safe, Quiet, and Smooth Concrete Pavements
  5. Concrete Pavement Maintenance and Preservation
  6. Concrete Pavement Construction, Reconstruction, and Overlays
  7. Concrete Pavement Business Systems and Economics
  8. Concrete Pavement Sustainability

What is the CP Road Map?

It’s an innovative, strategic plan (originally published in 2005 and updated in 2011) outlining
needed concrete pavement research that will help develop a comprehensive, integrated, and fully
functional system of concrete pavement technologies.


Dale Harrington is the CP Road Map Program Manager. He can answer your questions. Contact him at
515-964-2020 or dharrington@hceservices.com.