RESOURCES Newsletter

A monthly newsletter for our partners

The goal of Resources is to let our partners know about events, new training opportunities, publications, and other products provided by the National Concrete Pavement Technology (CP Tech) Center at Iowa State University.

October–November 2020

  • New tech brief assesses harvested fly ash solution
  • 2019 Research Needs Analysis now available
  • CP Tech Center continues “traveling” virtually
  • Meet the board members (Nicolas Marks)

August–September 2020

  • States’ “Pavement Preservation – How” tools are online now
  • Performance-engineered mixtures (PEM) update
  • $3.5 million FAA research agreement takes off
  • Guide to Concrete Trails serves public health
  • Meet the board members (Greg Mulder)

June–July 2020

  • ADA and preservation webinars make an impact
  • Shadowing PEM: Which PEM tests when?
  • Progress under FHWA Cooperative Agreement
  • Meet the board members (Brent Burwell)

April–May 2020

  • Overlays webinar tops expectations
  • CP Tech Center remains active under COVID-19
  • Surveying the impact of the CP Road Map
  • Talking concrete pavements around the country
  • Meet the board members (Robert Seghetti)

February–March 2020

  • NHI releases web-based preservation training
  • Talking concrete pavements around the country
  • Meet the board members (Angela Folkestad)

January 2020

  • Can drone technology help you? 4 proven use cases for unmanned aerial systems
  • Talking concrete pavements around the country
  • Meet the board members (Jerry Voigt)

December 2019

  • Best practice guidelines for real-time smoothness technology now available
  • Talking concrete pavements around the country
  • Meet the board members (Mitch Dillavou)

November 2019

  • Concrete Infrastructure Research Database is here to help you
  • Talking concrete pavements around the country
  • Meet the board members (Mike Gordon)

October 2019

  • “Early Practitioner Resources” web page available to bookmark
  • Montana hosts Fall 2019 NC²
  • Meet the board members (Joe Bush)

September 2019

  • How DOES vibration affect concrete mixtures?
  • Guide to Concrete Trails now released
  • Talking concrete pavements around the country
  • Meet the board members (Patrick Cleary)

August 2019

  • FHWA publishes Concrete Pavement Preservation Checklists
  • Sign up now for the Fall 2019 National Concrete Consortium (NC²)
  • Release of next-generation Iowa Pore Index (IPI) test device and procedures
  • Talking concrete pavements around the country
  • Meet the board members (Steve Prosek)

July 2019

  • Talking concrete pavements from coast to coast and beyond
  • What every concrete professional should know about PEM
  • Meet the board members (Peter Taylor)

June 2019

  • Next-generation Integrated Materials and Construction Practices (IMCP) manual released
  • Talking concrete pavements around the country
  • Meet the board members (Kevin Merryman)

May 2019

  • Penetrating sealer evaluation project takes off
  • CP Tech–sponsored concrete competition a success
  • Meet the board members (Shauna Hallmark)

April 2019

  • New FRC tool and publications issued by CP Tech Center
  • Places we have been
  • NC2
  • PCC Pavement and Materials Research Laboratory
  • Meet the board members (Mike Byers)

March 2019

  • CP Tech is represented in several states
  • Meet the board members (Mike Ireland)

February 2019

  • New research on internal curing now online
  • Gordon Smith attends the 40th Annual Concrete Paving Workshop
  • CP Tech Center at the TRB
  • Meet the board members (Kevin McMullen)

January 2019

  • Concrete Pavement Technologies Transfer project wraps up
  • CP Tech Executive Board convened in November
  • Summit attendees discuss concrete pavement overlays

December 2018

  • Concrete Distress manual now online
  • Macrofiber webinar transcripts available online
  • Taylor presents at South African concrete gathering
  • Meet the board members (Ernie Peterson)

November 2018

  • New PEM Tech Brief available
  • Tritsch addresses Pavement Preservation at workshop
  • Taylor speaks at Cement Sustainability Initiative Forum
  • Tritsch shares information on PEM tests and TRB Committee AFD00 at meeting
  • Webinar series on fiber-reinforced concrete underway
  • Meet the board members (Greg Mulder)

October 2018

  • Adam joins CP Tech Center and PCC Lab
  • CP Tech leads Fall National Concrete Consortium meeting
  • Meet the board members (Maik Strecker)

September 2018

  • Three new concrete guides ready for users
  • Tracking Concrete Overlays to Australia
  • Gordon Smith joins in PCA deliberations
  • Meet the board members (Robert Seghetti)

August 2018

  • New Tech Brief reports on recycled concrete aggregate use in roadway shoulders
  • Open houses showcase PEM program demonstrations
  • Meet the board members (Brent Burwell)
  • Two new PhDs with concrete-related experience

July 2018

  • Longtime PCC Lab supervisor to retire
  • New CP Road MAP Tech Brief on RCA base products
  • CP Tech Leadership Team Engaging with Constituents
  • Promoting Performance Engineered Mixtures (PEM) in Denver
  • Meet the board members (Jerry Voigt)

June 2018

  • Geotextile overlay test summary issued
  • Registration open for PCA Professors’ Workshop
  • April CP Road Map issued on concrete overlays
  • Taylor talks aggregates at Geological Society meeting
  • PCA representative adds value to CP Tech board (Steven H. Kosmatka)

May 2018

  • New manager sought for PCC Lab
  • Time to sign up for Iowa Concrete Pavement (SPS-2) Tech Day
  • Taylor, Smith headline recent Manitoba concrete pavement workshop
  • Tritsch travels take him from Delaware to Texas
  • Meet the board members (Mitchell Dillavou)

April 2018

  • PEM Program: Delivering concrete to survive the environment
  • New tech results shared by the MCT program
  • Taylor presents at UI-UC Kent seminar series
  • Meet the board members (Mike Gordon)

March 2018

  • Two new tech briefs in the Concrete Pavement Recycling series
  • Meet the CP Tech Center board members, first in a series (Joe Bush)

February 2018

  • CP Tech staffers travel widely to share findings and insights
  • National CP Tech Center advisors to meet in March
  • CP Tech staff presented on PEMs at 2018 TRB

January 2018

  • Taylor and Smith to speak at TRB workshops on PEM January 7
  • CP Tech Center publishes trio of new reports on internal curing of concrete
  • New Moving Advancements into Practice (MAP) Brief available
  • CP Tech Center mentioned in new federal report

December 2017

  • CP Tech welcomes new Executive Board member
  • CP Tech helps host a successful Iowa Better Concrete Conference
  • 2017 Municipal Streets Seminar offers new avenues for participants
  • New pub highlights best practices for concrete construction
  • New CP Tech research paper examines the Iowa Pore Index test

November 2017

  • Iowa Congressman David Young tours ISU concrete lab
  • Winter’s coming. Here’s a guide to help understand the causes of premature joint deterioration
  • Concrete overlay performance on Iowa’s roadways
  • CP Tech Center’s Taylor wins Technical Innovation Award
  • You’re invited: Next Generation Concrete Surface in Houston

September 2017

  • Gordon Smith joins CP Tech Center as an associate director
  • PEM Program on the road teaching new specifications for better concrete
  • NCC fall meeting
  • Iowa District Concrete Lunch and Learn Forums

May 2017

  • Full-depth reclamation with cement publication is now available
  • Best Practices workshops continue
  • NCC spring meetings
  • Spring and summer webinars

February 2017

  • New guide to durable joints
  • Spring NCC meeting
  • Spring webinars
  • Advancing PEM
  • Lab technician hired

November 2016

  • Update on AASHTO specification on PEM
  • Presentations from Iowa Better Concrete Conference
  • Taylor responds to questions about joint deterioration

September 2016

  • Article about West Des Moines project in Roads and Bridges
  • Register for fall 2016 webinars (NEW topic: SCMs)
  • Showcase on pavement smoothness a success
  • Highlights from fall 2016 NC2 meeting
  • Study completed re pavement monitoring via embedded sensors
  • Coming: Web-based training on concrete pavement preservation

August 2016

  • NC2 meeting is here!
  • Register for fall 2016 webinars
  • Just published: Patch repair mortar

July 2016

  • NC2 meeting is around the corner
  • Real-time smoothness showcase August 9
  • Just published: Evaluation of modified concrete applications
  • Products in the works

June 2016

  • New report on internal curing available
  • Spring 2016 “road show”
  • Recorded webinars online
  • Smoothness technology showcase in August
  • New: Resources for students

May 2016

  • Register for real-time smoothness showcase in Utah
  • Spring 2016 webinar schedule
  • Highlights from April 2016 NC2 meeting
  • Peter Taylor named ACI fellow

April 2016

  • Spring 2016 webinar schedule
  • Final technical report re deterioration of joints
  • NC2 meeting news

March 2016

  • Spring 2016 webinar schedule
  • Peter Taylor to be honored as ACI Fellow
  • NC2 meeting news
  • Well maintained roadways improve fuel efficiency

February 2016

  • Staff announcements
  • Correction to concrete overlay guide specification
  • NC2 meeting news
  • New NC2/TTCC webinars starting in March
  • New publication on joint deterioration

November 2015

  • New publications from the CP Tech Center
  • Events
  • Staffing update

October 2015

  • New publications from the CP Tech Center
  • Video highlights concrete overlays on asphalt parking lots
  • September 2015 NCC meeting
  • Two positions open at the CP Tech Center

September 2015

  • NCC fall meeting
  • NEW Spanish version of overlays manual
  • CP Tech Center is supporting West Des Moines construction projects
  • Center seeks associate director

August 2015

  • Center seeks associate director
  • Best practices for jointed concrete pavements.
  • Updated, easy-to-use online courses through AASHTO’s TC3

July 2015

  • Training opportunities
  • Research highlights
  • Peter Taylor accepts PCA foundation award to support students

May 2015

  • April NCC meeting highlights
  • Research database updated

March 2015

  • CP Tech staff “Road Show”
  • Training opportunities
  • New CP Tech Center research results
  • National research update

January 2015

  • Training opportunities
  • Recent CP Tech Center publications
  • New CP Tech Center research results
  • General PowerPoint presentation about the CP Tech Center now available