Concrete Infrastructure Research Database

This database of in-progress and recently completed research related to concrete pavements and bridge decks across the US is partially a product of the former CP Road Map (or Long-Term Plan for Concrete Pavement Research and Technology). It is updated twice a year.

Research included is identified via the Transportation Research Board (TRB) list of Research in Progress (RIP), newsletters from across the concrete industry, and agency web sites.

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10/1/2013October 2013A Method to Assess the Use of New and Recycled Materials in Pavements materials, Pavements, Environmental impacts, State of the practice, Sustainable transportation, Durability, Pavement performance, Pavement designMuhammed Emin Kutay, Neeraj Buch, Syed Haider, Armagan Korkmaz, Anas Jamrah, Sudhir Varma
7/1/2014July 2014A Mobile Concrete Laboratory to Support Testing in 2014 on Internal Curing and High Early Strength Patches. curing; Concrete tests; Laboratory tests; PatchingJason Weiss
2/1/2018February 2018A Simple and Nondestructive Evaluation Method to Achieve High-Quality Pervious Concrete Pavement Installations concrete, pavement, testing, PCP, compactionSomayeh Nassiri
11/1/2015November 2015A Targeted Approach to High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete Pavement (Phase I) pavements; Fly ash; Innovation; Nanotechnology; Sustainable developmentSen Du, Xianming Shi
5/1/2013May 2013Accelerated Slab Replacement using Temporary Precast Panels and Self Consolidating Concrete, mix design, performance tests, precast concrete, self compacting, slabsKamal Tawfiq, Jamshid Armaghani
2/1/2019February 2019Accelerated Testing of Full-Scale Thin Bonded Concrete Overlay of Asphalt tests; Concrete overlays; Heavy vehicles; Loads; Pavement performance; Service life; Serviceability; SimulationAngel Mateos, John Harvey, Fabian Paniagua, Julio Paniagua, Rongzong Wu
8/19/2015August 2015Accuracy of In-Situ Water-to-Cement Meters for Concrete; Concrete pavements; Mix design; Testing equipment; Water cement ratioAmanda Bordelon
4/8/2014April 2014Advanced Analysis, Validation and Optimization of Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing.,-validation-and-optimization-of-virtual-cement-and-concrete-testing.--/Concrete tests; Mix design; Optimization; Portland cement concrete; Precision; Raw materials; ValidationChristopher Ferraro
5/1/2019May 2019Advanced Reinforced Concrete Materials for Transportation Infrastructures analysis;ÿCost effectiveness;ÿDurability;ÿInfrastructure;ÿLife cycle costing;ÿMaterials;ÿReinforced concrete;ÿSpecificationsMatthew J Bandelt
3/1/2016March 2016Advancing Steel Superstructures for ABC construction; Bridge superstructures; Steel bridges; Bridges and other structures; Construction; HighwaysProfessional Services Industries, Inc.
8/1/2015August 2015Aggregate Freezing-Thawing Performance using the Iowa Pore Index Method; Concrete aggregates; Concrete pavements; Freeze thaw durability; Pavement performance; Pores (Geology); Winter maintenanceFatih Bektas, Wenjing Cai, Kejin Wang
1/1/2016January 2016Air Void Analysis: Linear Traverse versus Imaged Methods traverse, spacing factor, hardened airWill Lindquist, Rodney Montney
1/1/2012January 2012Alkali Content of Fly Ash - Measuring and Testing Strategies for Evaluating Compliance ash, Alkali silica reactions, Quality control, Sodium, Potassium, Specifications, Cracking, Iowa, Alkali contentScott M Schlorholtz
5/30/2015May 2015Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) In Cement Free Alkali Activated Sustainable Concrete silica reactions, Compressive strength, Portland cement concrete, Fly ash, Durability, Concrete, Shrinkage, CrackingZihui Li, Robert J. Thomas, Diego Lazama, Sulapha Peethamparon
10/1/2015October 2015Alkali Silica Reactivity (ASR) Risk Assessment aggregate reactions;ÿCracking of concrete pavements;ÿHydraulic cement;ÿRisk managementZhongguo Ma
7/31/2017July 2017Alkali-Silica Reactivity in the State of Montana aggregate reactions; SilicatesMichael Berry
12/20/2016December 2016Alternative in-situ Water-Cement Meter Using a Parallel-Plate Capacitor Concept; Capacitors; Measuring instruments; Moisture content; Prototypes; Water cement ratioAmanda C. Bordelon
1/9/2019January 2019An Approach to Characterize the Wearability of Concrete Pavement Surface Treatments resistance; Concrete pavements; Freeze thaw durability; Gravel; Limestone aggregates; Repeated loads; Service life; Silicates; Silicon; Surface treating; WearCarl N. Abou Sleiman, Xijun Shi, Dan G. Zollinger
3/23/2018March 2018An Assessment of the Models to Predict Pavement Performance concrete pavements; Composite pavements; Evaluation and assessment; Pavement performance; Portland cement; Regression analysis; Pavement Condition Index; Pavement prediction models; Road conditions; Highways; Maintenance and Preservation; Pavements; Planning and ForecastingWilliam Duckworth, Ravi Nath, Victor Ekpoke
5/1/2011May 2011Analysis of Bridge Deck Cracking Data L. Rettner, Melanie S. Fiegen, Mark B. Snyder, Kevin A. MacDonald
9/3/2012September 2012Analysis of Construction Quality Assurance Procedures on Federally Funded Local Public Agency Projects assurance, Construction management, Construction projects, Best practices, Governments, Local government agenciesLinda Karen Konrath, Leslie Ann McCarthy, Sidney Scott
3/13/2018March 2018Application of a PCM-Rich Concrete Overlay to Control Thermal Induced Curling Stresses in Concrete Pavements concrete overlay; moderate temperature gradient, mitigate curling stresses.Naser P Sharifi, Kamyar C Mahboub
6/9/2014June 2014Application of Imaging Techniques to Evaluate Polishing Characteristics of Aggregates, Friction, Imaging systems, Polishing (Aggregates), Evaluation and assessment,Reynaldo Roque, Abolfazl Ravanshad, Sanghyun Chun
7/1/2018July 2018Application of Internal Curing to Improve Concrete Bridge Deck Performance; Best practices; Bridge decks; Concrete bridges; Concrete curing; Cost effectiveness; Cracking; Feasibility analysis; Pavement performanceJiong Hu, Yong-Rak Kim
6/1/2016June 2016Application of VFC Mixtures in Rapid Pavement Construction; Concrete pavements; Fly ash; Rheological properties; Road construction; Self compacting concrete; ShrinkageHak-Chul (Alex) Shin, Dimitri Feys
8/8/2012August 2012Appropriate Implementation of Pavement Preservation Treatments. pavements; Hot mix asphalt; Implementation; Pavement management systems; Pavements; Portland cement concrete; Preservation; Surface treatingNick Vitillo, Hao Wang, Michael Boxer, Brian Tobin, Carl Rascoe, Dan Roberts
7/31/2016July 2016Assessment of Construction Points for Grade Control and Reference in 3D practices; Construction; Evaluation and assessment; Grade separations; Infrastructure; ReferencingYong Kwon Cho
5/1/2014May 2014Assessment of High Early Strength Limestone Blended Cement for Next Generation Transportation Structures, Blended cement, Blends, Precast concrete, Shrinkage, High early strength cement, Creep, Setting (Concrete), Permeability, InfrastructureAhmad Shalan, Lawrence F. Kahn, Kimberly Kurtis, Elizabeth Nadelman
5/10/2013May 2013Assessment of Limestone Blended Cements for Transportation Applications, Cement, Portland cement, Performance tests, Assessments, Performance based specificationsKimberly E. Kurtis, Lawrence F. Kahn, Ahmad Shalan, Behnaz Zaribaf, Elizabeth Nadelman
9/1/2017September 2017Assessment of Test Methods for Supplementary Cementitious Materials; Fly ash; Materials selection; Materials testsMaria Juenger
2/1/2013February 2013Automated Measurement of Concrete Slump Using the Verifi System concrete, Slump test, Admixtures, Temperature, Automation, Cooperation, InfrastructiorKamal H. Khayat, Nicolas Ali Libre
7/1/2019July 2019Base Stabilization Additives - Effect on Granular Equivalency (GE) cycle analysis; Life cycle costing; Pavement designBora Cetin
9/11/2008September 2008BCOA-ME overlays, whitetopping, designJulie Vandenbossche
10/1/2013October 2013Best Field Practices for the Use of Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) in Nevada DOT Projects Said, Pramen P Shrestha, Kojo Nkuako
12/1/2016December 2016Best Practices for Concrete Pumping,,/Air voids; Best practices; Properties of materials; Pumped concrete; Rheological propertiesKyle A. Riding, Jan Voshalik, Dimitri Feys, Travis Malone, Will Lindquist
7/1/2019July 2019Best Practices to Address Issues of Excess Aggregate Dust in Nebraska by relationship to concreteJiong Hu
11/25/2014November 2014Better Concrete Mixes for Rapid Repair in Wisconsin pavements; Costs; Freeze thaw durability; Inventory; Materials; Mix design; Pavement maintenance; Pavement performance; Procedures; Specifications; Time dependenceSteven M. Cramer, Le T. Pham, Mark B. Snyder
6/15/2014June 2014Biocement for Road Repair, Pavement maintenance, Cracking, Cost effectiveness, Stabilizers, Dust control, Unpaved roads, Paving, LimestoneJian Chu, Zhiyou Wen
5/2/2017May 2017Blast Furnace Slag Usage and Guidance for Indiana projects; Leaching; Pollutants; SlagAndrew Whelton
10/3/2018October 2018Bond Characterization of UHPC Overlays for Concrete Bridge Decks: Laboratory and Field Testing strength (Materials); Bridge decks; Concrete overlays; Field tests; Laboratory tests; Ultra high performance concreteZachary B. Habera, Jose F. Munoz, Igor De la Varga, Benjamin A. Graybeal
11/5/2015November 2015Bridge Deck Concrete Surface Resistivity for Performance Based Tests decks; Concrete; Durability; Infrastructure; Performance based specifications; Resistivity methodThomas Hales
5/8/2017May 2017Bridge Deck Overlays Using Ultra-High Performance Concrete practices; Bridge decks; Concrete bridges; Contraction; Overlays (Pavements); Skid resistance; Thermal expansion; Ultra high performance concreteCraig Newston, Brad Weldon
7/1/2013July 2013Bridge Decks: Mitigation of Shrinkage Cracking cracking, shrinkage, expansive concrete, SRA, lightweight aggregates, deck model, parametric study, finite element model, bridge, cracking, durability, mitigationArdavan Ardeshirilajimi, Di Wu, Piyush Chaunsali, Paramita Mondal, Ying Tung Chen, Mohammad Mahfuzur Rahman, Ahmed Ibrahim, Will Lindquist, Riyadh Hindi
11/1/2013November 2013Bridge Design System Analysis and Modernization design; Evaluation and assessment; Modernization; Software; Systems analysisTim Colling, Chris Gilbertson, Gary Schlaff, Mike Pionke
5/29/2019May 2019Bridge Element Deterioration for Midwest States management;ÿBridge construction; Bridge design; Bridge management systems;ÿ Bridge members;ÿData analysis;ÿData collection;ÿDeterioration;ÿMaintenance;ÿState departments of transportation;ÿState of the practiceLynn Hanus
6/1/2018June 2018Bridge Service Life Design decks, Chloride exposures, mixture variation, predicted service life, corrosion resistant reinforcementElizabeth Rose Bales, Venkatasaikrishna Chitrapu, Madeleine M. Flint
4/1/2018April 2018Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement sulfates; Cement; Concrete industry; Durability; Pavement maintenance; Repairing; Highways; Materials; PavementsRobert J Thomas, Marc Maguire, Andrew D Sorensen, Ivan Quezada
7/15/2015July 2015Calibrating the Iowa Pore Index with Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry and Petrography performance, Winter maintenance, Freeze thaw tests, Durability, Pore size distribution, Test procedures, Crushed rockFranciszek Hasiuk, Muhammad Firdaus Ahmed Ridzuan, Peter Taylor
1/6/2017January 2017Calibration of the AASHTO Pavement Design Guide to SC Conditions - Phase II; Data collection; Pavement design; Pavement distress; Pavement maintenanceSarah Gassman
8/9/2012August 2012Carbonate aggregate in concrete aggregates, concreteFatih Bektas, Kejin Wang, Jiaxi Ren
6/1/2017June 2017Case Study Report on Full-Depth Repair Depth Repir, deteriorated joints, partial and full slab replacementMichael Darter
7/1/2012July 2012Central Iowa Expo Pavement Test Sections: Pavement and Foundation Construction Testing and Performance Monitoring (report date: February 2018) Stabilization options - testing, soils, determine compaction characteristics, unconfined compressive strength ,chemical stabilized samples, freeze-thaw durability.David White, Pavana Vennapusa, Peter Becker, Jesus Rodriguez, Yang Zhang, Christianna White
1/1/2017January 2017Characterization and Performance of Zero-Cement Concrete; Binders; Bridge decks; Concrete; Fly ash; Girders; Hydration; Portland cementEslam Gomaa, Simon Sargon, Cedric Kashosi, Ahmed Gheni, Mohamed ElGawady, William Schonberg
9/1/2017September 2017Characterization of Bases and Subbases for AASHTO ME Pavement Design; Aggregates by source; Asphalt; Cold in-place recycling; Concrete; Emulsions; Hot mix asphalt; Materials; Materials at high or low temperatures; Pavement layers; Portland cement concrete; Recycled materials; Soil cement; Stabilized materials; Subbase (Pavements); Values in measurementSerji Amirkhanian
12/21/2016December 2016Characterization of environmental loads related concrete pavement deflection behavior using Light Detection and Ranging technology load-related deflection; Light Detection; (LiDAR) system.Shuo Yang, Halil Ceylan, Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan, Sunghwan Kim, Peter C Taylor, Ahmad Alhasan
7/1/2015July 2015Characterization of Portland Cement Concrete Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in South Carolina; Failure; Pavement design; Portland cement concrete; Road construction; Thermal expansionTrent H. Dellinger, Amir Poursee
6/2/2019June 2019Characterization of Recycled Concrete Aggregate after Eight Years of Field Deployment course (Pavements);ÿChemical properties;ÿConcrete aggregates;ÿHeavy metals;ÿLeachate;ÿRecycled materials;ÿSubgrade materialsBharat Madras Natarajan, Zoe Kanavas, Morgan Sanger, Jared Rudolph, Jiannan Chen, Tuncer Edil, Matthew Ginder-Vogel
12/1/2013December 2013Characterizing and Quantifying the Shrinkage Resistance of Alkali Activated (Cement Free) Concrete and Evaluating Potential Methods for Reducing Early Age Cracking In Pavements and Bridges, Shrinkage, Alkali aggregate reactions, Cracking, Raw materials, Energy consumption, Sustainable development, Climate change, PollutantsSulapha Peethamparan, Robert J Thomas
10/21/2017October 2017Characterizing Strength and Thermal Properties of Concrete for Implementation of Pavement Mechanistic-Empirical Design in New Mexico aggregates; Mechanistic-empirical pavement design; Pavement performance; Rigid pavements; Thermal expansion; Thermal propertiesGauhar Sabih, Rafiqul A Tarefder
3/1/2018March 2018Chemical Deicers and Concrete Pavement: Impacts and Mitigation; Calcium chloride; Concrete pavements; Deicing chemicals; Deterioration; Freeze thaw durability; Magnesium chloride; Mitigation strategies; Highways; PavementsTom Van Dam
1/1/2016January 2016Chemical Solutions to Durability Studies and other structures; Construction; Highways; Maintenance and Preservation; MaterialsKevin Folliard
1/1/2012January 2012Class F Fly Ash Assessment for Use in Concrete Pavement pavements; Durability; Evaluation; Fly ash; Mix design; Pavement performance; Paving; Specifications; Strength of materialsKonstantin Sobolev, Mohamadreza Moini, Rani Pradoto, Marina Kozhukhova, Ismael Flores-Vivian, Scott Muzenski, Habib Tabatabai, Hani H Titi
2/1/2019February 2019Closed-Form Solution for Curling Responses in Rigid Pavements pavements; Elastic analysis; Rigid pavements; Slabs; Structural analysisJamie Hernandez, Imad L Al-Qadi
4/26/2012April 2012Colored PCC Deterioration concrete, joint deterioration Tom Burnham, Ally Akkari, Gerard Moulzolf, Larry Sutter
10/1/2018October 2018Compacted Concrete Pavement; Concrete pavements; Durability; Fiber reinforced concrete; Field tests; Laboratory tests; Pavement performance; Test sectionsKamal Khayat
1/21/2014January 2014Comparative Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Deck Sealers decks, Sealing compounds, Concrete bridges, Epoxides, Evaluation and assessment, Alternatives analysis; maintenance; preservationEric R Giannini, Jay K Lindly, J Riley Dunn
10/17/2013October 2013Comparison of Fresh Concrete Air Content Test Methods & Analysis of Hardened Air Content in Wisconsin Pavements content, Fresh concrete, Test procedures, Concrete pavements, Service life, Durability, Admixtures, Alternatives analysis, WisconsinLe Pham, Steven Cramer
9/8/2018September 2018Comparison of response for three different composite pavement sections to environmental loads compositesSomayeh Nassiri, Feng Mu, Mathew Geary, Julie M Vandenbossche
2/1/2019February 2019Comparison of Spacing Factors as Measured by the Air-Void Analyzer and ASTM C457 voids; Concrete pavements; Freeze thaw durability; Spacing; Specifications; Test proceduresWill Lindquist, Rodney Montney
12/14/2018December 2018Composite Repair for Concrete Bridges Subjected to Alkali-Silica Reaction silica reactions; Composite materials; Concrete bridges; Recommendations; RepairingYail Jimmy Kim
9/1/2009September 2009Concrete Bridge Deck Crack Sealant Evaluation and Implementation deck cracking, sealants, crack sealers, maintenanceMatthew S Oman
6/14/2016June 2016Concrete Grinding Residue: Its Effect on Roadside Vegetation and Soil Properties; Diamond grinding; Environmental impacts; Foreslopes; Roadside flora; Vegetation controlHalil Ceylan, Yang Zhang, Bora Cetin, Sunghwan Kim, Bo Yang, Chenyi Luo, Robert Horton, Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan
11/1/2015November 2015Concrete Overlay Performance on Iowa' s Roadways, TR-698'-s-roadways,-tr-698/Concrete overlays; Data collection; Maintenance; Overlays (Pavements); Pavement distress; Pavement performance; PavementsJerod Gross, Dan King, Dale Harrington, Halil Ceylan, Yu-An Chen, Sunghwan Kim, Peter Taylor, Orhan Kaya
12/1/2016December 2016Concrete Pavement Blowup Considering Generalized Boundary Conditions; Elastic foundationsJaime A Hernandez, Imad Al-Qadi
10/1/2014October 2014Concrete Pavement Mixture Design and Analysis (MDA): Factors Influencing Drying Shrinkage. paste; Concrete pavements; Drying; Literature reviews; Mix design; ShrinkagePeter Taylor, Xuhao Wang
5/1/2016May 2016Concrete Pavement Quality Control Testing Requirements Needed for the Super Air Meter content; Air voids; Concrete pavements; Freeze thaw durability; Measuring instruments; Paving; Quality controlKyle A Riding, Mohammed T Albahttiti
5/13/2019May 2019Concrete Pavements Joint Sealant Practices and Performance and assessment; Literature reviews; Pavement joints; Pavement performance; Sealing (Technology); State departments of transportation; State of the practice; SurveysDan Zollinger
10/1/2016October 2016Concrete Performance in Aggressive Salt Environments; Bridge decks; Concrete; Curing agents; Deicing chemicals; Durability; Mix design; Parapets; Salts; Specifications(Contract not yet awarded)
9/1/2014September 2014Concrete with Steel Furnace Slag and Fractionated Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement. oxide; Coarse aggregates; Concrete; Expansion; Fracture properties; Freeze thaw durability; Modulus of elasticity; Reclaimed asphalt pavements; Shrinkage; SlagAlexander S Brand, Jeffery R Roesler
1/1/2018January 2018Construction and Rehabilitation of Concrete Pavements under Traffic (report date: 2018) advancements in concrete pavement construction, rehabilitation Shreenath Rao, Deepak Raghunathan
7/1/2019July 2019Construction Incentives - Are They Working? management; Disincentives; Incentives; Local government agenciesMohamed Diab
3/29/2018March 2018Construction Techniques for Electrically Conductive Heated Pavement Systems runways; Aprons (Airports); Concrete pavements; Deicing; Heat radiation; Heating systems; Paving; Technological innovations; Des Moines International AirportHesham Abdualla, Halil Ceylan, Kristen S Cetin, Sunghwan Kim, Peter C Taylor, Mani Mina, Bora Cetin, Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan, Sajed Sadati
8/14/2018August 2018Contextual heat island assessment for pavement preservation Warming Potential (GWP); Pavement preservationSushobhan Sen, Jeffery Roesler
7/1/2014July 2014Continuous Long-Term Health Monitoring Using Ultrasonic Wave Propagation concrete, Bridge decks, Nondestructive tests, Structural health monitoring, Delamination, Ground penetrating radar, Acoustic emission, Reinforcing barsEce Erdogmus
5/1/2014May 2014Corrosion Sensitivity of Concrete Mix Designs.; Admixtures; Corrosion resistance; Durability; Fly ash; Mix design; Permeability; Reinforced concrete; Silica fume; Slag cementStephen R Sharp, Celik Ozyildirim, David W Mokarem
8/16/2014August 2014Cost Analysis on the Reuse of Concrete Residuals, Wastes, Benefit cost analysis, Diamond grinding, Best practices, Sustainable development, Concrete,Nicholas Tymvios, Tara L Cavalline, Christopher Albergo
6/20/2011June 2011Cost-Effective Base Type and Thickness for Long-Life Concrete Pavements, drainable base, concrete pavement, drainageErol Tutumluer, Yuanjie Xiao, W. James Wilde
8/6/2018August 2018Cotton-Derived Composite Materials for Climate Resilient Transportation Infrastructure cellulose-based concrete; strength and durability; use of cotton fiber and its derivatives.Noureddine Abidi, Priyantha W Jayawickrama, Rohan S Dassanayake, Manil Hettiwatte
6/1/2018June 2018Crushed Hydraulic Cement Concrete Adjacent to Underdrains; Cement content; Crushed aggregates; Drainage structures; Field studies; Geotextiles; Hydraulic cement; Subdrains; ValidationBurak Tanyu
11/1/2018November 2018Curing Concrete Paving Mixtures; Concrete curing; Concrete pavements; Curing agents; Curing and setting agents; Hydration; Mixtures; PavementsTom Van Dam
5/23/2017May 2017Data Collection for Local Calibration of the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design Performance Models for Mississippi; Data collection; Mechanistic design; Pavement performance; Test sections; AASHTOWare (Software)Allen Cooley
7/1/2015July 2015Design and Evaluation of Modified Centerline Rumble Strips strips, Center lines, Head on collisions, Fatigue (Physiological condition), Pavement performance, Deterioration, Field testsYong-Rak Kim, Taesun You, Laurence R Rilett
7/1/2016July 2016Design and Performance of Cost-Effective Ultra High Performance Concrete for Bridge Deck Overlays decks; Concrete overlays; Overlays (Pavements); Pavement design; Pavement performance; Service life; Ultra high performance concrete; Bridges and other structures; Design; Highways; MaterialsKamal H Khayat, Mahdi Valipour
2/26/2010February 2010Design Guides/Sustainability (SI-09-41) development, Handbooks, Highways, Decision making, Transportation professionals, Education and training methodsCH2M Hill
12/1/2017December 2017Design of a 3-D Magnetic Mapping System to Locate Reinforcing Steel in Concrete Pavements pavements; Field tests; Mapping; Mathematical models; Reinforcing steel; Sensors; Spatial analysis; System design; TomographyNathanael W Holle
7/1/2016July 2016Design of Ultra High Performance Concrete for Thin Overlays; Greenhouse gases; Overlays (Pavements); Pavement performance; Service life; Ultra high performance concreteKamal H Khayat, Mahdi Valipour
9/1/2013September 2013Designing Quieter Pavement Surfaces design, Quiet pavements, Asphalt concrete pavements, Tire/pavement noise, Pavement maintenance, Overlays (Pavements), Laboratory tests, TextureJorge A Prozzi
8/14/2018August 2018Determining Bridge Deck Chloride Quantities with Ground Penetrating Radar; Bridge decks; Chloride content; Field tests; Ground penetrating radar; Laboratory tests; Methodology; Moisture content; Signal processing; Test procedures; Validation; Bridges and other structures; Highways; Maintenance and PreservationAnthony Alongi
7/1/2016July 2016Determining Constructed Pavement Layer Thicknesses Using Nondestructive Testing and assessment; Nondestructive tests; Pavement layers; Test procedures; ThicknessBrad Rister
6/3/2016June 2016Determining optimum air-void spacing requirement for a given concrete mixture design using poromechanics voids; Concrete; Freeze thaw durability; Mix design; Spacing; Frost resistance; Poroelasticity; Poromechanical behaviorSyeda Rahman, Zachary Grasley
8/15/2015August 2015Determining Optimum Thickness for Long-Life Concrete Pavement in Ohio pavements, Service life, Thickness, Pavement performance, Bridge decks, FailureShad Sargand, Anwer Al-Jhayyish, Issam Khoury, Roger Green
6/1/2015June 2015Developing a Comprehensive Pavement Condition Evaluation System for Rigid Pavements in Georgia plain concrete pavement; JPCP; Continuously reinforced concrete pavement; CRCP; Faultmeter; Faulting measurement Yichang Tsai, Yi-Ching Wu
8/1/2014August 2014Developing a Low Shrinkage, High Creep Concrete for Infrastructure Repair.,-high-creep-concrete-for-infrastructure-repair.--/Adhesion; Admixtures; Compressive strength; Creep; Durability; Repairing; Shrinkage; Tensile strengthIvan Quezada, Marc Maguire, Robert J Thomas
10/8/2013October 2013Developing Improved Opportunities for the Recycle and Reuse of Materials in Road Bridge and Construction Projects, Recycled materials, Road construction, Bridge construction, Opportunities, ImprovementsRalph Ellis, Duzgun Agdas, Kevin Frost
9/1/2017September 2017Developing Performance Specification for High Performance Concrete studies; High performance concrete; Laboratory studies; Mechanical properties; Multiple criteria decision making; Performance based specifications; Physical propertiesAnol Mukhopadhyay
4/8/2016April 2016Developing Ultra-High-Performance Concrete Mix Designs for Arizona Bridge Element Connections; Bridge construction; Curing and setting agents; Ductility; Durability; Mix design; Strength of materials; Ultra high performance concreteBarzin Mobasher
7/1/2014July 2014Development and Evaluation of Portable Device for Measuring Curling and Warping in Concrete Pavements pavements, Curling, Traffic loads, Fatigue (Mechanics), Performance measurement, Pavement performance, Measurement, Quality assurance, Quality controlHalil Ceylan, Robert F Steffes, Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan, Sunghwan Kim, Shuo Yang, Kailin Zhuang
7/1/2017July 2017Development and Implementation of a Moving Nondestructive Evaluation Platform for Bridge Deck Inspection decks; Ground penetrating radar; Inspection; Nondestructive tests; Structural health monitoring; Test procedures; Traffic control; UltrasonicsJinying Zhu, Chungwook Sim
7/1/2017July 2017Development of a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Tool for in-Situ Assessment of Prestressed Components decks; Concrete bridges; Cracking; Creep; Design load; Nondestructive tests; Service life; Shrinkage; SuperstructuresJinying Zhu, G Morcous
9/1/2015September 2015Development of a Numerical Simulation Tool for Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements reinforced concrete pavements; Finite element method; Foundations; Geometric configurations and shapes; Mechanistic-empirical pavement design; Pavement joints; Reinforcing steel; Simulation; Temperature gradients; Traffic loadsCesar Carrasco, Soheil Nazarian, Nancy Aguirre
1/8/2019January 2019Development of a QC/QA Process for Caltrans Automated Pavement Condition Survey Data surveys; Data quality; Pavement management systems; Quality assurance; Quality controlHaiping Zhou, Zhongren Wang, Robert Sherrick, Scott Mathison
6/17/2013June 2013Development of an Improved Design Procedure for Unbonded Concrete Overlays pavements; Concrete overlays; Concrete pavements; Load transfer; Pavement design; Test sections; Traffic loadsLev Khazanovich
9/5/2013September 2013Development of an Overlay Design Procedure for Composite Pavements design, Composite pavements, Concrete overlays, Asphalt concrete, Thickness, Traffic loads, Falling weight deflectometers, Portland cement concrete,Liangbo Hu, Eddie Chou
12/31/2021December 2021Development of an SPS-2 Pavement Preservation Experiment; Maintenance management; Pavement management systems; Pavements; Service lifeMustafa Mohamedali
1/18/2017January 2017Development of Calcined Clays as Pozzolanic Additions in Portland Cement Concrete Mixtures soils; Compressive strength; Diffraction; Mortar; Portland cement; Pozzolanic actionA Zayed, N Shanahan, A Sedaghat, Y Stetsko, B Lorentz
5/18/2018May 2018Development of Cost-Effective Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) for Colorado's Sustainable Infrastructure; Bridge construction; Compressive strength; Cost effectiveness; Infrastructure; Silica; Sustainable development; Ultra high performance concreteYail Jimmy Kim
1/1/2016January 2016Development of Cost-Effective VARTM Technology for Repair and Hardening - Design Method and Specification for ALDOT Contractor; bridges; VARTM; aging infrastructureNasim Uddin, Uday Vaidya, Luis Ramos
1/1/2016January 2016Development of Guidelines for High-Volume Recycled Materials for Sustainable Concrete Pavement; Cement; Concrete pavements; Durability; Fly ash; Glass; Guidelines; Load tests; Materials selection; Mechanical properties; Optimization; Pavement performance; Powders; Recycled materials; Service life; Slag; Sustainable development(Contract not yet awarded)
7/17/2017July 2017Development of High Performance Rapid Patching Materials for Pavement Repair silica reactions; Asphalt mixtures; Cracking; Deterioration; Freeze thaw durability; Patching; Pavement distressJiong Hu, Yong-Rak Kim
9/14/2018September 2018Development of Improved Guidelines and Designs for Thin Whitetopping: Construction and Initial Environmental Response of Full-Scale BCOA Sections concrete; Asphalt pavements; Asphalt rubber; Concrete overlays; Data collection; High strength concrete; Materials tests; Mix design; Pavement maintenance; WhitetoppingAngel Mateos, John Harvey, Fabian Paniagua, Julio Paniagua, Rongzong Wu
10/1/2014October 2014Development of Mixture Designs for Pumpable Concrete for Extreme Weather; Concrete structures; Durability; Greenhouse gases; Mix design; Pumped concrete; Service life; Shrinkage; State departments of transportation; Temperature; Weather conditionsTyler Ley
4/1/2016April 2016Development of Non-Proprietary Ultra High Performance Concrete /Ultras High Performance Concrete OverlaysMichael Berry, Richard Snidarich, Camylle Wood
4/30/2019April 2019Development of Performance Curves for Whitetopping in Minnesota pavements; Condition surveys; Mathematical prediction; Pavement maintenance; Pavement management systems; Pavement performance; Performance measurement; Rehabilitation (Maintenance); WhitetoppingThomas Burnham, Bernard Izevbekhai, Joseph Gallagher, Santiago Huerta
12/7/2017December 2017Development of Possible Solutions to Eliminate or Reduce Deck Cracking on Skewed Bridges Built by Using the Accelerated Bridge Construction Method construction; Bridge decks; Cast in place concrete; Cracking; Reinforced concrete bridges; Skew bridgesMi Chorzepa
2/1/2019February 2019Development of Predictive Performance Models and Calibration of Mechanistic Empirical Design Method for Optimized Transportation Infrastructure Management, Considering Life-Cycle Costs and Environmental Impacts,-considering-life-cycle-costs-and-environmental-impacts/Calibration;ÿData analysis;ÿEnvironmental impacts; ÿInfrastructure;ÿLife cycle costing; ÿMathematical models;ÿ Mathematical prediction;ÿMechanistic-empirical pavement design;ÿOptimization; Pavement cracking; ÿPavement management systems; ÿPavement performance;ÿRigid pavementsAshkan Saboori, John Harvey
1/1/2016January 2016Development of Proper Overlay Type and Designs for PCC Pavement reinforced concrete pavements; Guidelines; Overlays (Pavements); Portland cement concrete; Rehabilitation (Maintenance); Reinforced concreteMoon Won
5/15/2014May 2014Development of Rapid PCC Pavement Repair Materials and Construction Techniques. pavements; Cracking; Heat of hydration; Lightweight aggregates; Portland cement concrete; Rheological properties; Self compacting concrete; Shrinkage; Water cement ratioHak-Chul (Alex) Shin
9/1/2017September 2017Development of Rational CPCD Pavement Design Procedures designMoon Won
3/1/2013March 2013Development of Specifications for Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) for Use in Bridge Deck Overlays Y Hajj, David H Sanders, Nicholas D Weitzel
9/23/2016September 2016Development of Specifications for High-Performance Fiber Concrete for Nevada (NDOT 366-16-803) decks; Bridge design; Economic efficiency; Fiber reinforced concrete; High performance concrete; SpecificationsJiong Hu
12/4/2013December 2013Development of Standard Operating Procedure for Analysis of Ammonia Concentrations in Coal Fly Ash ash, Ammonia, Laboratory tests, Standard operating procedures, Field tests, Evaluation and assessment, State of the practice, FloridaTimothy Townsend, John Schert, Tim Vinson
4/1/2013April 2013Documentation of the Construction of INDOT's Experience with the Bridge Deck's Containing Internal Curing in 2013's-experience-with-the-bridge-deck's-containing-internal-curing-in-2013/Bridge construction; Bridge decksTimothy J Barrett, Albert E Miller, W Jason Weiss
4/28/2017April 2017Durability Analysis of Recycled Asphalt Pavement as Partial Coarse Aggregate Replacement in a High-Strength Concrete Mixture; Coarse aggregates; Durability tests; Freeze thaw durability; High strength concrete; Permeability; Reclaimed asphalt pavements; Recycled materials; Thermal expansionR J Thomas, Andrew J Fellows; Andrew D Sorensen
5/8/2018May 2018Durability Evaluation of Ternary Mix Designs for Extremely Aggressive Exposures Phase II; Chlorides; Corrosion; Degradation failures; Durability; Electrical resistivity; Mix design; Permeability; Reinforcing steel; SulfatesKyle Riding
8/8/2018August 2018Durability of Cementitious Systems Incorporating Calcined Low-Grade Kaolin Clays; Chemical properties; Durability; Kaolin; Physical properties; Service life;Abla Zayed
1/1/2014January 2014Durability, Ductility, and Bond Strength of Portland Cement Concrete with Recycled Asphalt Pavement as Partial Replacement for Coarse Aggregate,-ductility,-and-bond-strength-of-portland-cement-concrete-with-recycled-asphalt-pavement-as-partial-replacement-for-coarse-aggregate/Recycled materials, Coarse aggregates, Portland cement concrete, Asphalt mixtures, Admixtures, Durability tests, Ductility,Andrew Sorensen
8/1/2017August 2017Durable and Sustainable Concrete through Performance Engineered Concrete Mixtures; Compressive strength; Concrete pavements; Durability; Highway maintenance; Infrastructure; Limestone; Mix design; Quality assurance; Quality control; Sustainable developmentTara Cavalline
9/15/2016September 2016Durable High Early Strength Concrete bridges; Concrete pavements; High strength concrete; Mix design; Service lifeChristopher Jones
8/1/2011August 2011Early Detection of Joint Distress in Portland Cement Concrete Pavements pavements; Deterioration; Electrical resistivity; Ground penetrating radar; Moisture content; Pavement distress; Pavement joints; Portland cement concreteDwayne Harris, Yaghoob Farnam, Robert Spragg, Paul Imbrock, W Jason Weiss
7/1/2018July 2018Early Detection of Near-Surface Void Defects in Concrete Pavement Using Drone-based Thermography and GPR Methods voids; Concrete curing; Concrete pavements; Drones; Flaw detection; Ground penetrating radar; Nondestructive tests; Quality control; ThermographsE Erdogmus, G Morcous, Zhigang Shen
9/30/2013September 2013Early-Age Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Properties for Overlays concrete pavements; Concrete overlays; Cracking of asphalt concrete pavements; Fatigue limit; Fiber reinforced concrete; Finite element method; Pavement joints; Rehabilitation (Maintenance)Amanda Bordelon, Min Ook Kim
6/28/2019June 2019Economic Resilience and Long-Term Highway/Transportation Infrastructure Investment making; Economic factors; Highways; Infrastructure; Investments; Policy; Risk assessment; Social factors; Sustainable transportationSarah Weilant, Aaron Strong, Benjamin Miller
5/15/2014May 2014Economical and Crack-Free High Performance Concrete with Adapted Rheology; Early-age cracking; Eco-Crete; Packing density;Shrinkage mitigating Strategies, Supplementary cementitious materials; Structural performance; Life cycle assessmentKamal H Khayat, Iman Mehdipour, Hani Nassif, Zeeshan Ghanchi, Chaekuk Na, Kaan Ozbay, Jeffery S Volz
11/1/2016November 2016Effect of Clay Content on Alkali-Carbonate Reactive (ACR) Dolomitic Limestone silica reactions; Clay; Deterioration; Dolomite; Expansion; Limestone; MaterialsAmar Raghavendra
5/25/2017May 2017Effect of Coarse Aggregate Type on Chloride Ion Penetration in Concrete decks; Chloride content; Chlorides; Coarse aggregates; Ions; Rapid Chloride Penetration Test; Bridges and other structures; Highways; Materials; Pavements;Hani H Titi, Habib Tabatabai
7/1/2016July 2016Effect of Core Geometry and Size on Concrete Compressive Strength gradation; Compressive strength; Concrete; Cores (Specimens); Diameter; Test proceduresAdam C Carroll, Aaron R Grubbs, Anton K Schindler, Robert W Barnes
11/21/2018November 2018Effect of Curing Methods on Quality of Concrete Joints: Experimental and Modeling; Concrete curing; Concrete pavements; Durability; Pavement joints; Three dimensional flowM Tiznobaik, M T Bassouni
12/1/2018December 2018Effect of Dowel Bar Arrangements on Performance of Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP) pavements; Dowels (Fasteners); Finite element method; Load transfer; Longitudinal cracking; Pavement cracking; Pavement maintenance; Pavement performance; Spalling; Transverse crackingKukjoo Kim, Sanghyun Chun, Sangyoung Han, Mang Tia
1/1/2015January 2015Effect of Early-Age Concrete Elastic Properties on Fatigue Damage in PCC Pavements Containing Fibers cement concrete, Fatigue (Mechanics), Failure, High early strength cement, Elasticity (Mechanics), FibersMohsen A Issa
3/1/2019March 2019Effective Instrumentation Plan and Analysis Methodology for Full-Scale Field Tests of Concrete Pavements pavements;ÿData analysis;ÿField tests;ÿInstrumentation;ÿStrain gages;ÿStrain measurement;ÿTest proceduresSangyoung Han, Kukjoo Kim, Sanghyun Chun, Mang Tia
7/1/2019July 2019Effectiveness of Geotextiles/Geogrids in Roadway Construction; Determine a Granular Equivalent (GE) Factor; Geotextiles; Road constructionJunxing Zheng
6/6/2013June 2013Effects of Coarse Aggregate on the Physical Properties of Florida Concrete Mixes, Road construction, Coarse aggregates, Admixtures, Durability, Portland cement concrete, Pozzolan, SlagChristopher C Ferraro, Caitlin M Tibbetts, Michael C Perry, Benjamin E Watts, Jerry M Paris
8/1/2014August 2014Efficacy of the Bacteria Encapsulation Concrete Self-Healing Method in a Harsh Environment construction, Compressive strength, Reinforcing steel, Tensile strength, Corrosion, Moisture content, Air content, Cracking,Goli Nossoni, Daniel Hussey, Marisa Budziszewski
4/19/2017April 2017Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Pervious Concrete Using Carbon Fiber Composite Reinforcement fibers; Composite materials; Mechanical properties; Porous pavements; Reinforced concrete; Reinforcement (Engineering); Salvage; Pervious concreteHarry Rodin, Milena Rangelov, Somayeh Nassiri, Karl Englund
9/1/2017September 2017Establishing Best Practices for Construction and Design of Cement Treated Materials course (Pavements); Cement treated soils; Failure; Laboratory tests; Mix design; Performance testsReza S Ashtiani
7/1/2019July 2019Establishing Fresh Properties of Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Performance Engineered Mixture (PEM) reinforced concrete; SpecificationsManik Barman
8/9/2012August 2012Evaluate and Develop Innovative Pavement Repair and Patching: Taconite-based repair options. pavements; Concrete pavements; Patching; Pavement maintenance; Paving; Potholes (Pavements)Lawrence M Zanko, David M Hopstock, Will DeRocher
7/1/2016July 2016Evaluate, Modify and Adapt the Concrete Works Software for Iowa's Use,-modify-and-adapt-the-concrete-works-software-for-iowa's-use/Computer programs; Concrete bridges; Cracking; Mass concrete; TemperatureKejin Wang, Kyle Riding, Charles Jahren, Jay Shen
04/31/2016April 2016Evaluating Electrical Resistivity as a Performance based Test for Utah Bridge Deck Concrete; Bridge decks; Cement; Concrete bridges; Electrical resistivity; Modulus of elasticity; Nondestructive tests; Permeability; Water cement ratioAmir Malakooti, Marc Maguire, Robert J Thomas
1/16/2015January 2015Evaluating Limestone Cements Containing >15% Limestone cement, Limestone, State of the art, State of the practice, Durability, HardnessJose E Garcia, Nicolas B Tuburzi, Kevin J Folliard, Thano Drimalas, Michael D A Thomas
1/1/2016January 2016Evaluating Long-Term Durability/Performance of Prestressed Concrete Beam with Extensive Surface Cracking; Bridges; Concrete structures; Cracking; Durability; Fabrication; Mechanical properties; Precast concreteRaissa Ferron
9/30/2018September 2018Evaluating the Effectiveness of Fly Ashes to Mitigate ASR and Using Recycled Concrete Aggregate as an Aggregate Source silica reactions; Concrete aggregates; Evaluation and assessment; Fly ash; Recycled materialsJennifer Tanner
11/14/2014November 2014Evaluating the Effectiveness of Fly Ashes to Mitigate ASR and Using Recycled Concrete Aggregate in New Construction ash, Alkali silica reactions, Recycled materials, Concrete aggregates, Wyoming, Mortar, PrismsJennifer Tanner, Bryce Fiore
10/1/2011October 2011Evaluating the Financial Cost and Impact on Long Term Pavement Performance of Expediting Michigan's Road Construction Work performance, Michigan, Incentives, User delay costs, Road construction, CostsMohamed El-Gafy
9/11/2012September 2012Evaluating the Risk of Alkali-Silica Reaction in Wyoming: Continued Evaluation of Field Specimens, Proposed Mitigation Strategies and Improving Existing ASTM Standards,-proposed-mitigation-strategies-and-improving-existing-astm-standards/Alkali silica reactions, Fly ash, Field tests, Mitigation practices, Monitoring, Aggregates, American Society for Testing and Materials, WyomingChris Romo, Bob Rothwell, Greg Milburn, Jennifer Tanner
5/1/2013May 2013Evaluation of Alternative Pozzolanic Materials for Partial Replacement of Portland Cement in Concrete analysis, concrete, durability, materials, portland cement, pozzolan, rheological propertiesChristopher C Ferraro, Timothy Townsend, Mang Tia, Jerry Paris
2/26/2018February 2018Evaluation of Bonded Concrete Overlays on Asphalt Pavements overlays; Cracking of concrete pavements; Durability; Life cycle costing; Mechanistic-empirical pavement design; Pavement maintenance; Rutting; Service life; ThicknessLinda Pierce
4/8/2014April 2014Evaluation of Bonded Concrete Overlays over Asphalt under Accelerated Loading overlays, Bearing capacity, Mix design, Pavements, Accelerated tests, Portland cement concrete, Louisiana,Tyson Rupnow
8/9/2012August 2012Evaluation of Concrete and Mortars for Partial Depth Repairs depth repairs, cpr, patchingEshan V Dave, Jay Dailey, Eric Musselman
12/15/2016December 2016Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibiting Materials Applied by Impregnation (Pressure Injection) Methods to Prevent Corrosion of Post-Tensioned Tendons; Impregnation (Engineering); Materials; Posttensioning; Pressure; Tendons (Materials)Ivan Lasa
12/11/2017December 2017Evaluation of Durability and Structural Performance of Concrete with Embedded Inductive Coils (Electromagnetism); Durability; Electric power transmission; Electric vehicle charging; Inductance; Load tests; Paving; Portland cement concreteMarvin W Halling
1/1/2008January 2008Evaluation of High-Performance Drilled Shaft Concrete on the B.B. Comer Bridge concrete; drilled shaft construction; bridgesPhillip A Galley, Anton K Schindler, Dan Brown
11/1/2012November 2012Evaluation of In-Place Concrete Strength by Coring cores; compressive strengthAaron R Grubbs, Adam C Carroll, Anton K Schindler, Robert W Barnes
12/13/2017December 2017Evaluation of Long-Term Impacts of Early Opening of Concrete Pavements performance; Performance tests; Portland cement concreteLev Khazanovich
4/1/2011April 2011Evaluation of Long-Term Pavement Performance and Noise Characteristics of the Next Generation Concrete Surface Generation Concrete Surface, concrete pavement, diamond grinding, quieter pavements, on board sound intensity measurementsKeith W Anderson, Jeff S Uhlmeyer, Tim Sexton, Mark Russell, Jim Weston
1/1/2016January 2016Evaluation of Lower Quality Recycled Portland Cement Concrete Pavement for Paving Applications course (Pavements); Concrete pavements; Hot mix asphalt; Pavement layers; Portland cement concrete; Recycled materials; Subgrade (PavementsMustaque Hossain
9/1/2011September 2011Evaluation of Materials for Partial Depth PCC Repairs depth repairs, cpr, patchingEddie Johnson, Ben Worel, Tom Burnham
2/1/2018February 2018Evaluation of MIT-SCAN-T2 for Thickness Quality Control for PCC and HMA Pavements Field tests; Nondestructive tests; Pavement performance; Portland cement concrete; Quality control; Thickness; MIT Scan-2 system Zachary Collier, Amar Raghavendra, TysonRupnow, Patrick Icenogle,
10/27/2014October 2014Evaluation of Mix Designs and Test Procedures for Pervious Concrete. strength; Concrete; Flexural strength; Infiltration; Mix design; Permeability; PorosityRezene Medhani, Wasi Khan, Stephen Arhin
7/1/2013July 2013Evaluation of PCC Pavement and Structure Coring and In-situ Testing Alternatives, coring, in-place strength, non-destructive evaluationJohn S. Popovics, Agustin Spalvier, Kerry S. Hall
12/15/2018December 2018Evaluation of Penetrating Sealers for Concrete TR-765 pavements; Durability; Evaluation and assessment; Pavement joints; Rigid pavements; Sealing compounds; Test proceduresPeter Taylor
1/1/2013January 2013Evaluation of Pervious Concrete Mixes in Areas Subject to Snow Plow Operations and Abrasive and Salt Application ConcreteNing Xie, Stephen Mery, Yudong Dang, Michelle Akin, Xianming Shi
4/20/2015April 2015Evaluation of Porometry, Permeability and Transport of Structural Concrete,-permeability-and-transport-of-structural-concrete/Mix design, Structural analysis, Concrete, Durability, Permeability, Service life, Performance based specifications, FloridaChristopher Ferraro
3/1/2018March 2018Evaluation of Precast Concrete Pavement Systems and Cast In-Place: Phase I: Identification of Accelerated Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Methods in place concrete; Evaluation and assessment; Pavement maintenance; Performance based specifications; Portland cement concrete; Precast concrete pavements; Rehabilitation (Maintenance)Yusuf Mehta
8/1/2014August 2014Evaluation of Recycled Aggregates Test Section Performance distress, Sustainable development, Recycled materials, Test sections, Road construction, Concrete pavements, Aggregates, Freeze thaw durability, Degradation failures, Minnesota,Farhad Reza, W. James Wilde
10/17/2016October 2016Evaluation of Recycled Base Aggregates pavements; Blending; Concrete aggregates; Deformation; Economic benefits; Environmental impacts; Pavement distress; Pavement performance; Recycled materialsHani H. Titi, Habib Tabatabai, Jessie Ramirez, Mohammad Sooman
8/1/2015August 2015Evaluation of Recycled Concrete as an Additive to Base Course/Subbase Material in Virginia Department of Transportation Projects concrete aggregate, Base course (Pavements), Subbase (Pavements), Geotextiles, Fabrics, Recycled materials, Additives, VirginiaBurak Tanyu
7/1/2017July 2017Evaluation of Reducing Cement Content in NDOR Class R Combined Aggregate Gradations gradation; Air voids; Blending; Cement content; Granular materials; OptimizationJoing Hu, Yong-Rak Kim
12/1/2013December 2013Evaluation of Resistivity Meters for Concrete Quality Assurance resistivity, Life cycle analysis, Quality assurance, Concrete, Concrete construction, Durability, DistressJohn T. Kevern, Ceki Halmen, Dirk P. Hudson
9/1/2010September 2010Evaluation of Sealers and Waterproofers for Extending the Life Cycle of Concrete; Curbs; Gutters; Pavements; Sealing compounds; Service life; WaterproofingTommy Nantung, B. Tao, Jason Weiss
6/7/2017June 2017Evaluation of Silica-Based Materials for Use in Portland Cement Concrete; Concrete bridges; Durability; Fly ash; Properties of materials; Rheological properties; Road materials; Slag cementChristopher Ferraro
7/5/2005July 2005Evaluation of steel slag furnace slag FRAP aggregates in concrete RAPAlexander S. Brand, Jeffery R. Roesler
8/1/2014August 2014Evaluation of Surface Treatments to Mitigate ASR treating, Alkali silica reactions, Freeze thaw durability, Silane, Sealing compounds, Concrete structures, Arkansas, Deterioration, Cracking, Expansion,W. Micah Hale
2/1/2014February 2014Evaluation of Test Sections built with Recycled Aggregates Reza
7/1/2013July 2013Evaluation of the Long-Term Performance and Benefit of Using an Enhanced Micro-Milling Resurfacing Method, Resurfacing, Pavements, Preservation, Performance evaluations, Friction course Yichang (James) Tsai, Zhaohua Wang, April Gadsby
10/1/2016October 2016Evaluation of Ultra-High Performance Concrete for Use in Bridge Connections and Repair construction; Concrete; Deterioration; Mix design; Quality control; Traffic loads; Ultra high performance concreteRoyce Floyd
1/1/2013January 2013Experimental and Numerical Study for the Debonding Interface Between an Existing Pavement and a New Concrete Overlay. pavements; Debonding; Delamination; Milling; Modulus of elasticity; Overlays (Pavements); Pavement distress; Rehabilitation (Maintenance); ShrinkageAmanda Bordelon
12/1/2018December 2018Experimental Simulation and Quantification of Migration of Subgrade Soil into Subbase under Rigid Pavement Using Model Mobile Load Simulator pavements; Fines (Materials); Pavement joints; Pavement performance; Rigid pavements; Saturated soils; Subbase (Pavements); Subgrade (Pavements)Behnoud Kermani, Shelley M. Stoffels, Ming Xiao, Tong Qiu
9/5/2017September 2017Experimental Study on Anti-Icing and Deicing Performance of Polyurethane Concrete as Road Surface Layer; Polymer concrete; Polyurethane resins; Shear tests;Jun Chen, Xie Ma, Hao Wang, Pengyu Xie, WeiHuang
10/1/2012October 2012Extending the Usage of High Volume Fly Ash in Concrete, Fly ash, Additives, Cracking, X-ray computed tomography, Freeze thaw durability, Surface treatingJeffery S. Volz
9/15/2018September 2018Feasibility Study of 3D Printing of Concrete for Transportation Infrastructures TR-756 analysis; Infrastructure; Mix design; Printers; Technological innovations; Three dimensional displaysKejin Wang
7/1/2017July 2017Feasibility Study of Development of UHPC for Highway Bridge Applications in Nebraska /Admixtures; Curing and setting agents; Durability; Fillers (Materials); Mechanical properties; Self compacting concrete; Structural analysis; Ultra high performance concreteJoing Hu, G. Morcous
10/1/2018October 2018FHWA Research and Technology Evaluation: Precast Concrete Pavement concrete pavement (PCP)Greg Bucci, Matthew Keen, Kaitlin Coppinger, JoeCondon
2/1/2018February 2018Fiber (Steel) Reinforced Concrete for Improved Performance of Transportation Infrastructure fiber reinforced concrete, establish optimal mix designs, implementation, validate design procedures for SFRCAnna C. Birely, Philip Park, Joshua A. McMahon, Xijun Shi, Younho Rew
1/1/2019January 2019Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in Bridge Decks TR-767 cost analysis; Bridge decks; Cracking; Fiber reinforced concrete; Field tests; High performance concrete; Laboratory tests; Mix design; Service lifeBehrouz Shafei
7/1/2016July 2016Field Implementation and Monitoring of Behavior of Economical and Crack-FreeHigh-Performance Concrete for Pavement and Transportation InfrastructureConstructions - Phase II mixtures; Cracking; Field tests; High performance concrete; Infrastructure; Mix design; Pavement performance; Sustainable transportationKamal H. Khayat, Iman Mehdipour, Zemei Wu
7/1/2016July 2016Field Implementation of High-Volume Recycled Materials for Sustainable Pavement Construction aggregates; Field tests; Monitoring; Recycled materials; Road construction; Sustainable transportationKamal H. Khayat, Seyedhamed Sadati
7/1/2016July 2016Field Implementation of Super-Workable Fiber-Reinforced Concrete for Infrastructure Construction construction; Bridge members; Fiber reinforced concrete; Infrastructure; Performance based specifications; Self compacting concrete; Substructures; Superstructures; WorkabilityKamal H. Khayat, Ahmed Abdelrazik
10/1/2017October 2017Field Testing of an Ultra-High Performance Concrete Overlay on Bridge Decks High Performance Concrete Overlay on Bridge DecksZachary B. Haber, Jose F. Munoz, Benjamin A. Graybea
1/1/2019January 2019Fighting for Curb Space: Parking, Bike Sharing, Urban Freight Deliveries, Ride-Hailing, and Other Users,-bike-sharing,-urban-freight-deliveries,-ride-hailing,-and-other-users/Curb side parking; Curbs; Cyclists; Delivery vehicles; Demand; Demand responsive transportation; Freight and passenger traffic; Loading and unloading; Pedestrians; Public transit; Ridesharing; Simulation; Spatial analysis; Trip generation; Urban areas; Vehicle sharingMiguel Jaller, Caroline Rodier, Michael Zhang
3/31/2017March 2017Forensic Investigation of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements in Fair and Poor Condition reinforced concrete pavements; Deterioration by environmental action; Nondestructive tests; Pavement cracking; Pavement maintenance; Structural deterioration and defectsMi G. Chorzepa, Catherine Johnson; S. Sonny Kim, Stephan Durham
3/1/2019March 2019Forensic Investigation of Distresses Found in Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements pavements; Cracking of concrete pavements; Forensic science; Load transfer; Pavement distress; Pavement joints; Unreinforced concreteMi G. Chorzepa, Catherine Johnson; S. Sonny Kim, Stephan Durham
8/13/2014August 2014Forensic Study of Early Failures with Unbonded Concrete Overlays Concrete overlays; Costs; Pavement design; Pavement distress; Pavement maintenance; PavingShad Sargand, Roger Green, Junqing Zhu, Issam Khoury
4/19/2017April 2017Four High Performance Nonproprietary Concrete Deck Configurations for Movable Bridges; Bridge decks; Concrete pavements; Fiber reinforced polymers; Finite element method; High performance concrete; Movable bridgesHadi Baghi, Fatmir Menkulasi, Carlos Montes, Jean Paul Sandrock Jr., Sergio Gomez
2/28/2018February 2018Freeze Thaw and Deicer Salt Scaling Resistance of Concrete Prepared with Alkali Aluminosilicate Cement; Cement; Concrete; Deicing chemicals; Freeze thaw durability; Scaling (Concrete); Aluminosilicates; Highways; Materials; Pavements;Faris Matalkah, Parviz Soroushian
10/17/2018October 2018Full Depth Reclamation with Thin Surface Treatment for Low Volume Road Maintenance issues of existing pavement; Thinner surface treatments; local roadwaysHarikrishnan Nair, Brian Diefenderfer
6/6/2014June 2014Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR) for Suburban/Urban and Local Roads Application reclamation, Cost effectiveness, Rehabilitation (Maintenance), Urban highways, Rural highways, Guidelines, Road construction, ReconstructionMarcella Hartman, Mugur Turos, Debaroti Ghosh, Mihai Marasteanu
3/10/2015March 2015Further Validation of ASR Testing and Approach for Formulating ASR Resistant Mix, Alkali silica reactions, Mix design, Aggregates, Fly ash, Test procedures, Concrete cylinders, Hydraulic cementAnol Mukhopadhyay, Kai-Wei Liu, Mostafa Jalal
3/1/2014March 2014Georgia Long-Term Pavement Performance (GALTPP) Program - Maintaining Georgia's Calibration Sites and Identifying The Potential for Using MEPDG For Characterization of Non-standard Materials and Methods (Phase 1); Data collection; Field tests; Geographic information systems; Laboratory tests; Mathematical prediction; Mechanistic-empirical pavement design; Pavement distress; Pavement performance Yi-Ching Wu, Yichang (James) Tsai
6/1/2014June 2014Grains of gain. Roads & Bridges, Volume 52, Issue 5, 2014, pp 52-55,-volume-52,-issue-5,-2014,-pp-52-55/Artificial aggregates; Concrete pavements; Evaluation; Fine aggregates; Mix design; Portland cement concrete; Proportioning; Skid resistance; StudiesMarc Rached, David W. Fowler
12/1/2018December 2018Greenhouse Gas Reduction Opportunities for Local Governments: A Quantification and Prioritization Framework analysis; Climate change; Decision support systems; Economic factors; Greenhouse gases; Infrastructure; Life cycle analysis; Life cycle costingAlissa Kendall, John Harvey
1/1/2013January 2013Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) as a Component Material in Concrete Mixtures for Paving Concrete, Mix design, Admixtures, Concrete pavements, Compressive strength, Flexural strength, Cracking, Shrinkage, Laboratory tests, Life cycle costing, Ground tiresJohn O.Sobanjo, Kamal S. Tawfiq, Richard Twumasi-Boakye, Sylvester Inkoom, Sheldon Gibbs
4/21/2017April 2017Guidelines for Stabilizing Problematic Soils Using Calcium-Based Stabilizers analysis; Laboratory tests; Life cycle costing; Road construction; Soil stabilization; Soils by chemical content or actionBhaskar Chitoori
2/15/2017February 2017High Abrasion-Resistant and Long Lasting Concrete resistance; Concrete; Laboratory tests; Life cycle analysis; Mix design; Optimization; SurveysCarolyn Morehouse
11/1/2014November 2014High Early-Strength High-Performance Concrete for Rapid Pavement Repair performance concrete, State departments of transportation, Pavement performance, Mix design, Specifications, Durability, Repairing, Literature reviewsNader Ghafoori, Meysam Najimi, Matthew Maler
1/1/2019January 2019High Performance Concrete with Post-Tensioning Shrinking Fibers;ÿFiber reinforced concrete;ÿHigh performance concrete;ÿMechanical properties;ÿPolymer fibers;ÿPosttensioningDryver Huston
1/1/2017January 2017Highly Abrasion-resistant and Long-lasting Concrete resistance; Cold weather; Concrete; Durability; Pavement distress; Rutting; Studded tires; Wearing course (Pavements)Jenny Liu
6/15/2015June 2015High-Volume Recycled Materials for Sustainable Pavement Construction pavements, Recycled materials, Concrete, Infrastructure, Sustainable development, Paving,Kamal H. Khayat, Seyedhamed Sadati
2/1/2016February 2016Hydrologic Performance of Four Permeable Pavement Systems Constructed over Low-Permeability Soils in Northeast Ohio soils; Drawdown (Hydraulics); Hydrology; Impervious soils; Pavement performance; Porous pavements; Runoff; Permeability (material), Stormwater management, Peak flow, Filtration, Permeability (soil), Pavement condition, Concrete pavements, Water storageRyan J. Winston, Jay D. Dorsey, Alessandra P. Smolek, William F. Hunt
2/28/2018February 2018Identify Best Practices in Pavement Design, Materials, Construction and Maintenance in Wet Freeze Climates Similar to Michigan,-materials,-construction-and-maintenance-in-wet-freeze-climates-similar-to-michigan/Best practices; Climate; Freezing; Literature reviews; Materials selection; Pavement design; Pavement maintenance; Pavements; Paving; Wet weatherZhanping You, Chris Gilbertson, Thomas Van Dam
1/1/2016January 2016Impact of Curling and Warping on Concrete Pavement pavements; Curling; Field studies; Laser radar; Pavement performance; Portland cement concrete; Quality assurance; Quality control; Recommendations; WarpageHalil Ceylan, Shuo Yang, Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan, Sunghwan Kim, Peter Taylor, Ahmad Alhasan
5/15/2018May 2018Impact of Curling and Warping on Concrete Pavement Phase 2 pavements; Curling; Laser radar; Mix design; Pavement performance; Portland cement concrete; WarpageHalil Ceylan
1/1/2011January 2011Impact of Environmental Factors on Pavement Performance in the Absence of Heavy Loads, Pavement performance, Damage, Environmental factors, JPCP, ACP, Subgrade, SPS-8, Truck loadings, Cost allocationLeslie Titus-Glover, Michael I. Darter, Harold Von Quintus
12/1/2018December 2018Impact of Local Calibration Using Sustainable Materials for Rigid Pavement Analysis and Design; Concrete pavements; Fine aggregates; Mechanistic-empirical pavement design; Pavement performance; Rigid pavements; Sustainable development; Thermal propertiesTara L. Cavalline, Brett Q. Tempest, Edward H. Blanchard; Clayton D. Medlin, Rohit R. Chimmula, Clark S. Morrison
7/1/2018July 2018Impact of Water/Cementitious-Based Concrete Mix Design Specification Changes on Concrete Pavement Quality; Air content; Concrete pavements; Design standards; Mix design; Pavement management systems; Permeability; Ride quality; Specifications; Water cement ratioLawrence Sutter, Gerard Moulzolf, Maria Masten
4/15/2014April 2014Impacts of Internally Cured Concrete Paving on Contraction Joint Spacing cement concrete, Hydration, Concrete curing, Contraction joints, Joint spacing, Water cement ratio, Shrinkage, Cracking, Warping, Bridge decksPeter Taylor, Halil Ceylan, Yang Zhang
8/1/2018August 2018Implementation of a Precast Inverted T-Beam System in Virginia: Part II: Analytic and Field Investigations (report date: August 2018) inverted T-beams with a cast-in-place concrete toppingFatmir Menkulasi, Thomas Cousins, C.L. Roberts-Wollmann
9/1/2016September 2016Implementation of ASTM C157: Testing of Length Change of Hardened Concrete tests; Bridge decks; Concrete tests; Implementation; Mix design; ShrinkageAndrew Jenkins
3/31/2015March 2015Implementation of Concrete Pavement Mixture Design and Analysis (MDA) Track of Concrete Pavement Road Map pavements; Implementation; Mix design; Specifications; TrainingBrian Worrel
10/19/2018October 2018Implementation of Precast Concrete Segments for Electrified Roadway electrified panelsMarvin Halling
7/8/2008July 2008Implementation of Self-Consolidating Concrete for Prestressed Applications (Phases I & II, funded separately),-funded-separately)/Self-consolidating concrete; prestressed concrete; bridgesSamuel D. Keske, Robert W. Barnes, Anton K. Schindler, Brandon R. Johnson, Morgan A. Ellis, D. Eric Miller, Tyler L. Neal
2/1/2018February 2018Implementation Support for Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) Renewal R06E Real-Time Smoothness Measurements on Portland Cement Concrete Pavements During Construction control; Smoothness; Specifications; Workshops; Construction; Highways; PavementsGary Fick, David Merritt, Peter Taylor, Todd Hanke, Helga Torres, Robert Rasmussen
9/1/2015September 2015Implementation: Investigation of Alternative Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCMs); Cement; Classification; Concrete construction; Fly ash; Materials; Pozzolan; Properties of materialsSaif Al-Shmaisani, Ryan Kalina, Michael Rung, Raissa Ferron, Maria Jeunger
9/1/2015September 2015Implementing Rubblization and Drainage Improvement Techniques on Severely Distressed Concrete Pavements: Technical Report; Concrete pavements; Drainage; Implementation; Pavement design; Pavement distress; Pavement maintenance; Recommendations; Test sections; WorkshopsTom Scullion
8/1/2014August 2014Improved Data for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design for Concrete Pavements, CTE, Pavement-MEBrett Tempest, Tara Cavalline
9/1/2016September 2016Improvement of Climate Data for Use in MEPDG Calibration and Other Pavement Analysis Analyses, Climate Effects, Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG), Ground-based Weather Station (GBWS), ModernEra Retrospective Analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA), North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR)Stephan A. Durham, Bora Cetin, Charles Schwartz, Barton Forman, Leela Sai Praveen Gopisetti
1/1/2013January 2013Improving Camber Predictions for Precast, Prestressed Concrete Girders; prestressed concrete; designDavid M. Mante
8/1/2017August 2017Improving Concrete Patching Practices on Iowa Roadways TR-731 pavements; Highway maintenance; Patching; Portland cement concreteTodd Nelson
12/3/2018December 2018Improving Constructability and Durability of Concrete Pavements concrete pavements; Concrete construction; Pavement designDavid Trejo
4/1/2018April 2018Improving the Foundation Layers for Concrete Pavements: Field Assessment of Variability in Pavement Foundation Properties pavements; Field tests; Foundations; Pavement layers; Quality assurance; Quality control; Service life; Spatial analysis; Subgrade (Pavements); Design; Highways; PavementsJia Li, David White, Pavana K.R. Vennapusa
7/1/2016July 2016Improving the Quality of Concrete for INDOT Projects structures; Infrastructure; Project management; Quality controlW. Weiss, Jan Olek
3/1/2018March 2018Influence of Aggregate and Proportions on Flowing Concrete Characteristics voids; Cast in place concrete; Flow; Fresh concrete; Piles (Supports); Plastic flow; Cast in drilled hole; bridge pilesDavid Trejo, Greg Hendrix
1/9/2019January 2019Influence of Aggregate Gradation and Nominal Maximum Aggregate Size on the Performance Properties of OGFC Mixtures gradation; Friction course; Open graded aggregates; Pavement performance; Porous pavementsHaripriya Nekkanti, Bradley J. Putman, Behrooz Danish
9/26/2017September 2017Influence of Concrete Mixture Parameters on Chloride Test Measurements; Chlorides; Coarse aggregates; MeasurementNaga Pavan Vaddey, David Trejo
4/1/2018April 2018Influence of Internal Curing on Measured Resistivity aggregates; Concrete; Concrete curing; Electrical resistivity; Highways; Materials; PavementsTyson Rupnow
1/1/2012January 2012Influence of Rock Salt Impurities on Limestone Aggregate Durability Salt, Limestone Aggregate, Aggregate Durability, Freeze-Thaw CyclesKyle A. Riding, Jonathan Varner, Cale Armstrong
6/1/2019June 2019Innovative Techniques and Materials for Preventing Concrete Shrinkage Cracking;ÿCracking of concrete pavements;ÿField studies;ÿRecommendations;ÿShrinkage;ÿSpecifications;ÿTechnological innovationsGilson Lomboy
7/1/2013July 2013In-Place Response Mechanisms of Recycled Layers Due to Temperature and Moisture Variations layers, Recycled materials, Full-depth reclamation, Subbase (Pavements), Moisture content, Freeze thaw durability, Pavement design, New EnglandJo Daniel
3/1/2018March 2018Instantaneous crack width calculation for steel fiber-reinforced concrete flexural members; Cracking of concrete pavements; Fiber reinforced concrete; Flexure; Steel fibers; Stiffness; Highways; Materials; PavementsAli Amin, R. Ian Gilbert
10/31/2018October 2018Internal Curing of Bridge Decks and Concrete Pavement to Reduce Cracking decks; Concrete; CrackingJose Pacheco
2/1/2014February 2014Internal Curing of High Performance Concrete Using Lightweight Aggregates and Other Techniques. curing; Freeze thaw durability; High performance concrete; Lightweight aggregates; Mix designWesley A. Jones, Mitch W. House, W. Jason Weiss
7/15/2016July 2016Internal Curing of Pervious Concrete Using Lightweight Aggregates curing; Curing agents; Durability; Lightweight aggregates; Pavement maintenance; Porous materials; Porous pavements; Pervious concrete; Highways; Maintenance and Preservation; Materials; Pavements John T. Kevern, Qiwei C. Nowasell
1/1/2014January 2014Internally Cured Concrete for Pavement and Bridge Deck Applications, bridge decks, concrete curing, concrete pavements, field tests, laboratory tests, lightweight materialsMang Tia, Thanachart Subgranon, Kukjoo Kim, Andrea Medina Rodriguez, Abdullah Algazlan
5/14/2018May 2018Investigating Available State of the Art Technology for Determining Needed Information for Bridge Rating Strategies; Costs; Data collection; Load factor; State of the art Subject Areas: Bridges and other structures; Data and Information Technology; HighwaysRobert Lindyberg
7/1/2019July 2019Investigating Calcium Sulfoaluminate (CSA) Cement and Sacrificial Anodes decks; Calcium sulfates; Hydraulic cement; Maintenance; Mix design; Patching; Sacrificial anodesJ.D. Borgeson
4/1/2017April 2017Investigating Frost Heave Deterioration at Pavement Joint Locations course (Pavements); Concrete pavements; Foundation engineering; Freeze thaw durability; Frost heaving; Geosynthetics; Geotextiles; Moisture content; Pavement layersYang Zhang, David J. White, Pavana K. R. Vennapusa, Alex E. Johnson, Maxim M. Prokudin
2/1/2019February 2019Investigation and Evaluation of Iowa Department of Transportation Bridge Deck Epoxy Injection Process decks; Concrete overlays; Delamination; Service life; SpecificationsTerry J. Wipf, Brent Phares, Justin M. Dahlberg, Ping Lu
4/1/2019April 2019Investigation into enhancing and evaluating curing efficiency of joints in concrete pavements curing; Concrete pavements; Durability; Microstructure; Pavement joints; Test sectionsMohammad Tiznobaik, Mohamed T. Bassuoni
11/1/2009November 2009Investigation of Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement Deterioration at Joints and the Potential Contribution of Deicing Chemicals pavements; Deicing chemicals; Deterioration; Life cycle costing; Pavement joints; Service lifeLawrence Sutter, Peter Taylor, Jan Olek, Jason Weiss
10/1/2013October 2013Investigation of Optimized Graded Concrete for Oklahoma - Phase 2, Coarse aggregates, Admixtures, Cracking, Shrinkage, Workability, Durability tests, OklahomaMarllon D. Cook, J. Nick Seader, M. Tyler Ley, Bruce W. Russell
3/15/2018March 2018Investigation of Physical and Dynamic Properties of High Porous Concrete; education and training; Mix design; Pavement design; Porous materials; Porous pavementsIldar Akhmadullin, Marwa Hassan
7/1/2017July 2017Investigation of Quality Control/Quality Assurance Data to Review Current Specifications for Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Acceptance in Kansas; Compressive strength; Concrete pavements; Quality assurance; Quality control; Road construction; Specifications; ThicknessShuvo Islam, Xingdong Wu, Mustaque Hossain
12/15/2016December 2016Investigation of the Relationship Between Formation Factor and Water Content of Fresh Concrete; Concrete; Durability; Moisture content; Quality assurance; Quality control; Service lifeO. Burkan Isgor, Hossein Sallehi, Pouri Ghods
9/1/2018September 2018Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement Design and Construction Review Concrete Mixtures, JPC, optimum workability, durability, and cost, Max. aggregate sizeNadim Wehbe, Richard Reid, Jason Stripling, B. Postma Edgar, Hesham Mahgoub, and Mason Underberg
10/11/2018October 2018Laboratory Assessment of Nine Methods for Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Decks with Overlays overlay; Bridge decks; NDE methodsShibin Lin, Dewei Meng, Hajin Choi, Sadegh Shams, Hoda Azari
6/25/2013June 2013Laboratory Evaluation of 100% Fly Ash Cementitious Systems Containing Ekkomaxx tests, Fly ash, Concrete, Cementitious Materials, Concrete hardening, Fresh concreteBill King
6/1/2018June 2018Laboratory Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance of Various Metallic Dowel Bars; Concrete pavements; Corrosion; Corrosion resistance; Corrosion tests; Dowel bar retrofit; Epoxy coatings; Laboratory studies; Stainless steel; Zinc coatingsSeung-Kyoung Lee
9/1/2013September 2013Laboratory Fatigue Evaluation of Continuously Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavement reinforced concrete pavements, Fiber reinforced concrete, Fibers, Load tests, Failure, Pavement performance, Mechanics, HardnessMatthew Mulheron, John T. Kevern, Tyson D. Rupnow
9/1/2016September 2016Laboratory Investigation of the Use of Volcanic Ash in Concrete; Bleeding (Pavements); Durability; Evaluation; Laboratory tests; Materials tests; Permeability; Volcanic ashJennifer Distlehorst, Andrew Jenkins
9/1/2012September 2012Laboratory Study of High Performance Curing Compounds for Concrete Pavement - Phase II performance concrete, Concrete curing, Bleeding (Pavements), Emulsions, Sealing Compounds, Pavement performance, DurabilitySteven M. Cramer
10/1/2010October 2010Laboratory Study of High Performance Curing Compounds for Concrete Pavements - Phase I Kropp, Steven M. Cramer, Marc Anderson
8/1/2012August 2012Laboratory Study of Optimized Concrete Pavement Mixtures proportionKonstantin Sobolev, Mohamadreza Moini, Steve Cramer, Ismael Flores-Vivian, Scott Muzenski, Rani Pradoto, Ahmed Fahim, Le Pham, Marina Kozhukhova
7/1/2016July 2016Large Box Study on Granular Base Options for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements tests; Granular bases; Pavement performance; Portland cement concrete; Ranking (Statistics); Repeated loadsJie Han, Robert Parsons
6/1/2013June 2013Laser Scanning Aggregates for Real Time Property Identification, Technological innovations, Aggregates, Literature reviews, Properties of materials, Training, Laboratory tests, ImplementationBeena Sukumaran, Ravi Ramachandran, Michael I. Lim
3/1/2018March 2018Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Traditional and Permeable Pavements mix asphalt; Life cycle costing; Pavement maintenance; Paving; Permeability; Porous pavements; Portland cement concrete; Finance; Highways; Maintenance and Preservation; Materials; Pavements;Talal Rehan, Yan Qi, Anne Werner
10/9/2018October 2018Life-Cycle Impact Assessment of In-Place Recycled Pavement Sections in-place recycling; Full-depth reclamation; Life cycle analysis; Pavement performance Identifier Terms: Virginia Department of TransportationGerardo Flintsch, Samer Katicha
10/1/2014October 2014Load Rating on Bibb Graves Concrete Arch Bridge load rating, historic bridges, concrete arch bridgeTravis H. Le J.. Michael Stallings
3/1/2013March 2013Long -Life Slab Replacement Concrete, cracking, rehabilitation, maintenance, service life, slabsAbla Zayed, Kyle Riding, Christopher C. Ferraro, Andre Bien-Aime, Natallia Shanahan, Daniel Buidens, Thomas Meagher, Victor Tran, Justin D. Henika, Jerry M. Paris, Caitlin M. Tibbetts, Benjamin E. Watts
8/1/2017August 2017Long Term Performance of Overlays: Thin Epoxy Overlay vs. Traditional Rigid Overlay strength (Materials); Bridge decks; Chloride content; Epoxy coatings; Evaluation and assessment; Laboratory tests; Overlays (Pavements); Pavement performance; Service lifeKatelyn Freeseman
7/1/2013July 2013Longer Lasting Bridge Deck Overlays decks, Service life, State of the art, Repairing, Durability tests,David Hunsucker, Kean HAshurst Jr,, Brad W. Rister, David Allen, Eileen Grady
10/1/2017October 2017Low Cracking Concretes for the Closure Pours and Overlays of the Dunlap Creek Bridge, decks, cracking, fibersCelik Ozyildirim, Harikrishnan Nair
3/11/2019March 2019LTPP Data Analysis: Feasibility of Using LTPP Data to Improve Use of FWD and Longitudinal Profile Measurements analysis; Measurement; Pavement performance; Performance measurement; Time periodsAmir Hanna
12/1/2017December 2017Magnetic Tomography ? Assessing Tie Bar and Dowel Bar Placement Accuracy; Location; Reinforced concrete pavements; Reinforcing bars; Road construction; Tie barsCliff Hobson
3/1/2017March 2017Magnetized Water Effect on Compressive Strength and Dosage of Superplasticizers and Water in Self-Compacting Concrete strength; Magnetic materials; Self compacting concrete; Superplasticizers; Water; Water cement ratio; Highways; Materials; Pavements;Amirsalar R. Esfahani, Mohammad Reisi, Benjamin Mohr
6/8/2019June 2019Manual for Incorporating NDT in Quality Assurance based materials;ÿConcrete;ÿHandbooks;ÿImplementation;ÿNondestructive tests;ÿQuality assurance;ÿQuality control;ÿRoad construction;ÿState departments of transportation;ÿState of the practiceInam Jawed
8/31/2018August 2018Material Constituents and Proportioning for Roller-Compacted Concrete Mechanical Properties aggregates; Compressive strength; Fracture mechanics; Materials; Mechanical properties; Mix design; Portland cement concrete; Roller compacted concrete; Roller compacted concrete pavements Jeffrey R. LaHucik, Jeffery R, Roesler
12/29/2017December 2017Measurement of entrained air-void parameters in Portland cement concrete using micro X-ray computed tomography content; Air entrained concrete; Air voids; Concrete pavements; Freeze thaw durability; Image processing; X-ray computed tomography Highways; Materials; PavementsHaizhu Lu, Karl Peterson, Oleksiy Chernoloz
3/1/2018March 2018Mechanical and Durability Properties of Concrete Produced with Treated Recycled Concrete Aggregate; Concrete aggregates; Durability; Mechanical properties; Mortar; Recycled materials; Recycled concrete aggregate; Highways; Materials; PavementsV. Bhasya, B. H. Bharatkumar
6/15/2016June 2016Mechanical Integrity and Sustainability of Pre-stressed Concrete Bridge Girders Repaired by Epoxy Injection - Phase I; Epoxy resins; Girders; Life cycle analysis; Mechanical properties; Prestressed concrete bridges; Simulation; Sustainable developmentChloe Arson, Koochul Ji
3/15/2018March 2018Mitigating Pavement Reflective Cracking Using A Ductile Concrete Interlayer (Mechanics); Fiber reinforced concrete; Load tests; Pavement components; Pavement interlayers; Reflection cracking; Repairing Qian Zhang, Mohammad Khattak
1/12/2019January 2019Mitigation of Differential Settlement at Highway Bridge Approaches approaches; Geotechnical engineering; Highway bridges; Safety; Settlement (Structures); State departments of transportationSteven Bartlett
5/1/2018May 2018MnPAVE-Rigid 2.0 pavements; Mechanistic-empirical pavement design; Rigid pavements; SoftwareDerek Tompkins
1/10/2017January 2017Modelling the evolution of strength and modulus of cementitiously stabilised materials for different curing conditions; Compressive strength; Concrete curing; Modulus of rupture; Stabilized materials; Stiffness; Strength of materials; Tensile strengthJingan Wang, Xiaojun Li, Haifang Wen, Balasingam Muhunthan
8/7/2018August 2018Moisture Detection of Stored Rapid-Setting Cementitious Materials runways; Moisture damage; Monitoring; Cement composites; Materials storage; Moisture sensors; Rapid setting patch materialsJameson Shannon, William D. Carruth, Gregory J. Norwood, Harold T. Carr
6/2/2011June 2011Monitoring the Effectiveness of Silane on the Bibb Graves Bridge reactionDarrren K. Johnson, Robert L. Warnock, Anton K. Schindler, Robert W. Barnes
8/25/2017August 2017National Road Research Alliance: A Research Study on Partial and Full Depth Repairs of Concrete at MnROAD; MaintenanceTerry Kraemer
6/1/2016June 2016New Methodology for Evaluating Incompatibility of Concrete Mixes in Laboratory: A Feasibility Study; Aggregates; Concrete mixers; Feasibility analysis; Recycled materials; Shrinkage; Water cement ratioSoheil Nazarian
1/1/2014January 2014Nitrogen Dioxide Sequestration Using Demolished Concrete and Its Potential Application in Transportation Infrastructure Development development, Infrastructure, Nitrogen dioxide, Demolition, Crushed aggregates, Volatile organic compounds, Wastes, Concrete, Environmental impactsAlexander Orlov
4/11/2018April 2018Numerical Simulation of the Initial Particle Parking Structure of Cement/Geopolymer Paste and the Dissolution of Amorphous Silica using Real-Shape Particles material model ; irregular shape particles; cement/geopolymer pastes.Yibing Zuo, Zhiwei Qian, Edward J. Garboczi, Guang Ye
6/1/2019June 2019Optimization of Advanced Cementitious Material for Bridge Deck Overlays and Upgrade, Including Shotcrete,-including-shotcrete/Bridge Decks; Cement;ÿLiterature reviews; Mathematical models; Optimization;ÿ Overlays (Pavements);ÿ Rehabilitation (Maintenance);ÿ Shotcrete;ÿUltra high performance concreteIslam Mantawy
3/1/2019March 2019Optimized performance of UHPC bridge joints and overlays;ÿJoints (Engineering);ÿLaboratory tests;ÿMix design;ÿOptimization;ÿOverlays (Pavements);ÿUltra high performance concreteParamita Mondal, Farshad Rajabipour
9/10/2018September 2018Passive Wireless Sensors for Monitoring Behavior of Recycled Aggregate Concrete; Concrete aggregates; Data collection; Feasibility analysis; Radio frequency identification; Recycled materials; Sensors; Strain measurement; Structural health monitoring; Temperature measurementDavid Lange
7/1/2013July 2013Pavement Quality Indicators - Supplement #10; Crumb rubber; Dowel bar retrofit; Overlays (Pavements); Pavement performance; Subbase (Pavements); Technological innovationsWayne Jensen
1/1/2015January 2015Pavement Recycling: Shrinkage Crack Mitigation in Cement-Treated Pavement Layers - Phase 1 Laboratory Testing; Falling weight deflectometers; Field tests; Full-depth reclamation; Laboratory tests; Microcracking; Pavement design; Pavement performance; Rehabilitation (Maintenance); Stiffness; Structural testsS. Louw, D. Jones
7/29/2014July 2014Pavement Thickness Variation versus Observed Pavement Distress distress, Nondestructive tests, Thickness, Portland cement concrete, Quality assurance, Quality control, Pavement layers, Statistical analysis, Minnesota,Lev Khazanovich, Kyle Hoegh, Randal Barnes, Ryan Conway, Lucio Salles
9/1/2018September 2018Perform Feasibility Study on Use of Innovative Tools and Techniques to Accelerate Pavement Construction and maintenance; Decision making; Flaw detection; Inspection equipment; Nondestructive tests; Pavement maintenanceDarlene Goehl
8/1/2013August 2013Performance and Design of Bridge Approach Panels in Wisconsin approachBrent Phares, Justin Dahlberg
5/29/2014May 2014Performance and Load Response of Rigid Pavement Systems cycle costing; Load factor; Pavement design; Pavement performance; Portland cement concrete; Rigid pavements; Sensitivity analysisShad Sargand, Tom Cackler
10/27/2017October 2017Performance Benefits of Fiber-Reinforced Thin Concrete Pavement and Overlays, thin concrete pavements Manik Barman, Tom Burnham
1/1/2013January 2013Performance Determination of Precast Concrete Slabs used for the Repair of Rigid Pavements. (Thermodynamics); Performance tests; Portland cement concrete; Precast concrete; Rehabilitation (Maintenance); Rigid pavements; TemperatureReza S. Ashtiani, Gabriel de Haro
10/1/2017October 2017Performance Engineered Concrete Paving Mixtures; Concrete pavements; Field tests; Implementation; Pavement performance; Specifications; Training programsPeter Taylor
10/1/2013October 2013Performance Evaluation of Subgrade Stabilization with Recycled Materials materials, Soil stabilization, Undercutting, Recycled materials, Pavement design, Kiln dust, Landfills, MichiganNishantha Bandara, Elin Jensen, Tarik H. Binoy
5/21/2018May 2018Performance Evaluation, Material and Specification Development for Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) Reinforcing Bars Embedded in Concrete,-material-and-specification-development-for-basalt-fiber-reinforced-polymer-(bfrp)-reinforcing-bars-embedded-in-concrete/Basalt; Durability; Fiber reinforced concrete; Fiber reinforced polymers; Reinforcing bars; SpecificationsRaphael Kampmann, Michelle Roddenberry, Fransico De Caso
8/15/2014August 2014Performance Monitoring of Preservation Treatments in Honolulu compounds, Cracking, Slurry seals, Preservation, Tension, Surface treating, Rheometers, Pavement performance, Honolulu (Hawaii),Adrian Archilla
4/13/2017April 2017Performance of Bridge Deck Overlays - Phase II - Field Survey decks; Deicing chemicals; Live loads; Overlays (Pavements); Rehabilitation (Maintenance); Service life; Weather conditionsSoundar Balakumaran, Richard Weyers
6/1/2014June 2014Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Self-Consolidating Concrete for Repair of Bridge Sub-Structures and Fiber-Reinforced Super-Workable Concrete for Infrastructure Construction substructures; Cast in place structures; Cracking; Feasibility analysis; Fiber reinforced concrete; Fibers; Flexural strength; Repairing; Self compacting concrete; ShrinkageKamal H. Khayat, Ahmed Abdelrazik
9/1/2018September 2018Performance of Synthetic Fiber-Reinforced Concrete with Adapted Rheology; Corrosion resistance; Cracking; Durability; Fiber reinforced concrete; Optimization; Rheology; Shrinkage; Synthetic fibers; Tensile strengthKamal Khayat
6/8/2019June 2019Performance Specifications Implementation Guide mixtures;ÿ Concrete;ÿGuidelines;ÿImpacts;ÿImplementation;ÿ Performance measurement;ÿ Quality assurance; ÿSpecifications;ÿ Test proceduresEdward Harrigan
12/1/2017December 2017Performance-Based Specifications of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete to Enhance Performance and Reduce Steel-Reinforcement in Structural Members oxide; Corrosion resistance; Durability; Evaluation and assessment; Fiber reinforced concrete; Flexural strength; High performance concrete; Performance based specifications; Reinforcing steel; ShrinkageKamal Khayat
2/15/2018February 2018Performance-Based Specifications of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete with Adapted Rheology to Enhance Performance and Reduce Steel-Reinforcement in Structural Members bridges; Fiber reinforced concrete; Flexural strength; Lightweight aggregates; Optimization; Performance; Rheology; Specifications; Steel; Tensile strength; Bridges and other structures; Construction; DesignKamal Khayat
10/1/2016October 2016Permeability Reduction of Restrained Concrete in a Chloride-Rich Environment; Bridge decks; Chloride content; Permeability; Portland cement concrete; Test proceduresRobert Varner
2/1/2019February 2019Permeable pavement in northern North American urban areas: research review and knowledge gaps interlocking concrete pavers; Permeable pavements; Pervious concrete; Research needsPeter Weiss, Masoud Kayhanian, John Gulliver, Lev Khazanovich
4/1/2016April 2016Pervious Concrete Parking Strips concrete, pervious pavement, permeable pavement, storm water management, parking stripsKeith W. Anderson, Mark Russell, Jeff S. Uhlmeyer, Jim Gardner
9/1/2008September 2008Pervious PCC concrete, porous concrete overlayBernard Izevbekhai. Alexandra Akkari
5/1/2013May 2013Phase II Evaluation of Waste Concrete Road Materials for Use in Oyster Aquaculture - Field Test products, Concrete aggregates, Recycled materials, Field tests, Aquaculture, Thickness, Chesapeake BayChunlei Fan, Kelton L. Clark
1/1/2019January 2019Polyester Polymer Concrete Overlay polymer concrete, PPC, rut filling, studded tire wear mitigation, concrete pavement wear Keith W. Anderson, Jeff S. Uhlmeyer, Mark Russell, Chad Simonson, Kevin Littleton, Dan McKernan, Jim Weston
1/15/2016January 2016Portland Cement Concrete Material Characterization for Pavement Me Design Implementation in Idaho effectiveness; Databases; Materials tests; Mechanical properties; Mechanistic-empirical pavement design; Portland cement concrete; Shrinkage; Tensile propertiesSomayeh Nassiri, Milena Rangelov, Ahmed Ibrahim, Fouad Bayomy, Ahmed Muftah, Bikash Sigdel
7/1/2018July 2018Precast Concrete Deck-to-Girder Connection using UHPC decks; Girders; Panels; Precast concrete; Shear reinforcement; Structural analysis; Structural connection; Ultra high performance concreteG. Morcous
7/1/2018July 2018Precast Concrete Panels for Rapid Full-Depth Repair of CRC Pavement to Maintain Continuity of Longitudinal Reinforcementÿ Panels, Full Depth Repair, CRC PavementsSteve Gillen, Dan Gancarz, Shiraz Tayabji
9/26/2014September 2014Preliminary Evaluation of Cool-crete decks, Cracking of concrete pavements, Compressive strength, Concrete curing, Temperature, Corrosion, Additives,Eric Steinberg, Travis Ellison
6/1/2018June 2018Prevention of Longitudinal Cracking in Iowa Widened Concrete Pavement cracking, Widened lanes, 14 lanes, Concrete pavements; Finite element method; Longitudinal cracking; Pavement cracking; Pavement design; Pavement widening; Paving; Portland cement concrete; Road shoulders; Transverse jointsHalil Ceylan, Sunghwan Kim, Yang Zhang, Shuo Yang, Orhan Kaya, Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan, Peter Taylor
7/1/2018July 2018Prototype System for Implementing the Ultrasonic Guided Wave Method on the Field decks; Field tests; Implementation; Prototypes; Reinforced concrete bridges; Structural health monitoring; Ultrasonic testsE. Erdogmus
8/1/2014August 2014Quantification of System-wide Life Cycle Benefits of Recycled Materials in Highways construction, Recycled materials, Life cycle analysis, Cost effectiveness, Environmental impacts, Waste products, MarylandAhmet H. Aydilek
11/1/2018November 2018Quantifying the Effects of Preservation Treatments on Pavement Performance treatments, Pavement performance condition, cracking and faulting of concrete pavements ,service life, and life-cycle costsGonzalo R. Rada, James M. Bryce, Beth A. Visintine, R. Gary Hicks, DingXin Cheng
3/9/2018March 2018Quantifying the Range of Variability in the Flexural Strength of Fiber Reinforced Concrete using Monte Carlo Simulation; Fiber reinforced concrete; Flexural strength; Mix design; Monte Carlo methodAhmad Ghadban, Nadim Wehbe
10/10/2017October 2017Quantitative Measurements of Curing Methods for Concrete Bridge Decks decks; Chlorides; Concrete curing; Field tests; Lithium compounds; Silicates; Bridges and other structures; Highways; Materials; PavementsAmir Hajibabaee, Moradllo Khanzadeh , Mehdi, Amir Behravan, M. Tyler Ley
4/17/2019April 2019Rapid Airfield Concrete Pavement Slab Replacement and Patching Guidance Runways; Airports; Best practices; Concrete pavements; Handbooks; Maintenance management; Patching; RepairingTom Van Dam
9/1/2014September 2014Rapid Pavement Construction: Research on Thixotropy and Workability Loss of Vibration-free Concrete in View Accelerating Pavement Construction by Slipforming paste; Mix design; Road construction; Slip form paving; Thixotropy; WorkabilityDimitri Feys
11/1/1998November 1998Rapid Replacement of Bridge Decks (Phases I-IV funded under different contracts) repair; bridge deck; aging infrastructure; precast bridge decksBryan Harvey, Hassan Abbas, G. Ed Ramey
6/30/2013June 2013Rapid Retrofit and Strengthening of Bridge Components fibers; Highway bridges; Retrofitting; Strengthening (Maintenance)R. Graves
1/8/2018January 2018Rating Concrete Water Permeability Based on Resistivity Measurements; Electrical resistivity; Methodology; PermeabilityAmir Hanna
6/1/2013June 2013Real Time Laser Scanning of Aggregate Materials in Highway Construction; Aggregates; D cracking; Quality control; Real time information; Specific gravityWarren H. Chesner, Nancy J. McMillan
10/1/2012October 2012Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) for Infrastructure Elements, recycled concrete aggregate, RAC, recycled aggregate concrete, sustainability, aggregateJeffery S. Volz, Kamal H. Khayat, Mahdi Arezoumandi, Jonathan Drury, Seyedhamed Sadati, AdamSmith, Amanda Steele
10/1/2016October 2016Recycling and Reuse of Materials in Transportation Projects; Concrete aggregates; Pavement components; Portland cement; Portland cement concrete; Recycled materials; RecyclingAnol K. Mukhopadhyay, Xijun Shi, Dan G. Zollinger
12/21/2017December 2017Reduced Cementitious Material in Optimized Concrete Mixtures; Durability tests; Life cycle costingPeter Taylor
3/15/2018March 2018Reduction of Structural Damage from the Thermal Expansion of Concrete Using Multifunctional Materials; Concrete; Cracking; Materials; Structural materials; Thermal expansion; Bridges and other structures; Design; Highways; Materials; PavementsDarren Hartl
2/20/2018February 2018Requirements for Use of Field-Cast, Proprietary Ultra-High-Performance Concrete in Florida Structural Applications,-proprietary-ultra-high-performance-concrete-in-florida-structural-applications/High performance concrete; Literature reviews; Specifications; State of the art; Surveys; Tensile strength; Test procedures; Transportation departments;Kyle Riding
1/1/2013January 2013Re-Use of Mine Waste Materials Amended with Fly Ash in Transportation Earthwork Projects, Fly ash, Earthwork, Highway maintenance, Mines, Colorado, Strategic planningMohammad H. Gorakhki, Sultan A. Alhomair, Christopher A. Bareither
7/1/2017July 2017Role of Coarse Aggregate on Chloride Intrusion in HPC Bridge Decks decks; Chlorides; Coarse aggregates; High performance concrete; Permeability; Test proceduresKejin Wang
8/15/2017August 2017Role of Supplementary Cementitious Material Type in the Mitigation of Calcium Oxychloride Formation in Cementitious Pastes mitigate calcium oxychloride formationPrannoy Suraneni, Vahid Jafari Azad, O. Burkan Isgor, Jason Weiss
3/1/2017March 2017Seasonal variations and in situ assessment of concrete pavement foundation mechanistic properties thaw cycles; Seasonal variations; California bearing ratio; Coefficient of subgrade reaction; Concrete pavements; Falling weight deflectometers; Foundations; Mechanical properties; Subbase (Pavements); Subgrade (Pavements)Yang Zhang, Pavana K.R. Vennapusa, David J. White, Alex E. Johnson
10/10/2012October 2012Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) and High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete (HVFAC) for Infrastructure Elements: Implementation Concrete,SCC, HFVA, high volume fly ashJohn J. Myers, Eli S. Hernandez, Hayder Alghazali, Alexander Griffin, Kaylea Smith
6/29/2012June 2012Simplified design table for Minnesota concrete pavements Khazanovich, Derek Tompkins
9/20/2016September 2016Soil-Cement Manual of Practice: Interconnected Framework for Pavement Design, Laboratory Mixture Design, and Construction Quality Control/Assurance; Mechanistic-empirical pavement design; Mix design; Pavement layers; Quality assurance; Quality control; Soil cement pavements; ThicknessIsaac Howard
6/1/1993June 1993Specifications for European Concrete Pavement,
12/31/2017December 2017SPR-3310: Investigation of Use of Slag Aggregate and Slag Cements in Concrete Pavement to Reduce Their Maintenance Costs aggregates; Compressive strength; Concrete pavements; Costs; Durability; Flexural strength; Fly ash; Freeze thaw durability; Maintenance; Slag; Wetting and drying testsKho Pin Verian, Parth Panchmatia, Jan Olek,
8/1/2015August 2015SPR-3403: Removing Obstacles for Pavement Cost Reduction by Examining Early Age Opening Requirements tests; Concrete curing; Concrete pavements; Flexural strength; Pavement cracking; Tension; Traffic loadsFederico C. Antico, Hadi S. Esmaeeli, Igor De la Varga, Wesley Jones, Timothy Barrett, Pablo Zavattieri, W. Jason Weiss
8/1/2015August 2015SPR-3523: Evaluation of Sealers and Waterproofers for Extending the Life Cycle of Concrete pavements; Deicers (Equipment); Pavement joints; Pavement maintenance; Polystyrene; Portland cement concrete; Seal coats; Sealing compoundsJason Weiss, Andrew Wiese, Yaghoob Farnam, Wesley Jones, Paul Imbrock, Bernie Tao
3/1/2015March 2015SPR-3623: Early Detection of Joint Distress in Portland Cement Concrete Pavements pavements; Deterioration; Electrical resistivity; Ground penetrating radar; Moisture content; Pavement distress; Pavement joints; Portland cement concreteJason Weiss, Dwayne Harris, Yaghoob Farnam, Robert Spragg, Paul Imbrock
1/1/2014January 2014SPR-3808: Synthesis: Accelerating the Implementation of Research Findings to Reduce the Potential for Concrete Pavement Joint Deterioration pavements; Deterioration; Implementation; Joints (Engineering); Pavement distressJason Weiss, Jan Olek
5/30/2016May 2016SPR-3864: Performance of Deicing Salts and Deicing Salt Cocktails pavements; Deicing chemicals; Pavement performancePrannoy Suraneni, Jonathan Monical, Erol Unal, Yaghoob Farnam, Chiara Villani, Timothy J. Barrett, W. Jason Weiss
7/1/2016July 2016SPR-4004: Development of Subgrade Stabilization and Slab Undersealing Solutions for PCC Pavements Restoration and Repairs; Portland cement concrete; Slabs; Stability (Mechanics); Subgrade (Pavements)Jan Olek
10/17/2016October 2016SPR-4112: Best Practices for Patching Composite Pavements practices; Composite pavements; Concrete pavements; Patching; Pavement management systems; Pavement performanceRebecca McDaniel
1/1/2017January 2017SPR-4116: Investigation of Design Alternative for the Subbase of Concrete Pavements pavements; Geosynthetics; Geotextiles; Settlement (Structures); Smoothness; Soil compaction; Subbase (Pavements)Marika Santagata, Philippe Bourdeau
9/1/2017September 2017SPR-4210: Determining the Optimal Traffic Opening Timing through an in-situ NDT Method for Concrete Early Age Properties Monitoring curing; Concrete pavements; Construction scheduling; Costs; Failure; Mechanical properties; Nondestructive tests; Optimization; Sensors; Test proceduresNa Lu
1/1/2018January 2018SPR-4213: Determining Concrete Patch Locations other than Visual Artificial intelligence; Classification; Ground penetrating radar; Patching; Pavement maintenance; Sensors; IJames Krogmeier, Mark Bell
9/1/2018September 2018SPR-4320: Implementation of Epoxy Injection of Concrete Overlaid Bridge Decks decks; Concrete overlays; Cost effectiveness; Epoxy coatings; Freeze thaw durability; Service life; Winter maintenance; Bridges and other structures; Highways; Maintenance and PreservationPrince Baah
7/1/2018July 2018SPR-4326: Self-healing Cementitious Composites (SHCC) with Ultrahigh Ductility for Pavement and Bridge Construction; Cement; Composite materials; Cost effectiveness; Cracking; Ductility; Durability; Pavement design; Pavement maintenance; Bridges aNa Lu
1/1/2019January 2019SPR-4327: Development of Compaction Control Guidelines for Aggregates Drainage Layers and Evaluation of In Situ Permeability Testing Methods for Aggregates; Compaction; Drainage; Guidelines; Pavement layers; Permeability; Quality assurance; Test proceduresPeter Becker, Marika Santagata
1/1/2019January 2019SPR-4332: Performance Related Specification for Pavement Milling; Pavement distress; Pavement layers; Specifications; Test proceduresSeong-Hwan Cho, John Haddock
1/1/2019January 2019SPR-4336: Improvement of Scaling Resistance of Pavement Concrete Using Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) and Other Nano-additives pavements; Durability; Fly ash; Mechanical properties; Nanostructured materials; Permeability; Scaling (Concrete); TitaniumJan Olek
1/1/2017January 2017Steel Fiber Reinforced Rubberized Concrete Material Monitoring rubber; Evaluation and assessment; Fiber reinforced concrete; Fiber reinforced materials; Pavement performance; Recommendations; Steel fibersCarolyn Morehouse
1/1/2019January 2019Stringless Paving pavements, smoothness, roughnessMark Snyder
4/1/2017April 2017Subgrade Stabilization Alternatives engineering; Pavement design; Soil stabilization; Specifications; Subgrade (Pavements)Antonio Bobet
5/1/2019May 2019Superabsorbent Polymers in Concrete to Improve Durability
9/1/2008September 2008Surface characteristics for new PCC characteristics, friction, noiseBernard Izevbekhai
3/1/2015March 2015Surface Resistivity as an Alternative for Rapid Chloride Permeability Test of Hardened Concrete permeability, Surface resistivity, Rapid Chloride Permeability, Volume of Permeable Voids, Materials testingRodney Montney
10/1/2012October 2012Sustainable Crack-Free, Environmental-Friendly Concrete ?Crack Free Eco-Crete,-environmental-friendly-concrete-?crack-free-eco-crete/Concrete, Building materials, Sustainable development, Pollutants, Greenhouse gases, Environmental impacts, Waste products, Portland cementKamal H. Khayat, Iman Mehdipour
3/1/2018March 2018Sustainable Mitigation of Stormwater Runoff Through Fully Permeable Pavement pavements; Concrete pavements; Data collection; Mechanistic-empirical pavement design; Performance tests; Porous pavements; Runoff; Test beds; Permeable pavements; Environment; Highways; Hydraulics and Hydrology; PavementsAvinash Ralla, Shadi Saadeh
11/16/2016November 2016Systematic Decision-Making Process for Composite Pavement Maintenance pavements; Decision making; Hot mix asphalt; Pavement maintenance; Portland cement concrete; Reflection crackingSoojin Yoon, Kyubyung Kang, Yoojung Yoon, Makarand Hastak, Richard Ji
11/4/2013November 2013Temperature Control Requirements for the Construction of Mass Concrete Members concrete; thermal cracking;Eric D. Gross, Andrew D. Eiland, Anton K. Schindler, Robert W. Barnes
3/11/2014March 2014Ten Year Performance Evaluation of Unbonded Concrete Overlay and Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement: A Toronto Case Study; Case study; Conference; Damage; Durability; Evaluation (assessment); Joint (structural); Junction; Resurfacing; Rigid pavement; Rutting (wheel); Strengthening (pavement)A. Kivi, S.L. Tighe, R. Fung, J. Grajek
1/1/2010January 2010Tension Testing of Ultra-High Performance Concrete; Composite materials; Fiber reinforced concrete; Tensile properties; Tension tests; Ultra high performance concreteBenjamin A. Graybeal, Florent Baby
10/1/2016October 2016The Use of Resistivity Testing for Quality Control of Concrete Mixtures - Phase 2; Concrete; Concrete construction; Mix design; Pavement design; Resistivity methodJulie Hartell
1/1/2019January 2019Thermoplastic Composites by 3D Printing and Automated Manufacturing to Extend the Life of Transportation Facilities; Composite materials; Concrete structures; Feasibility analysis; Fillers (Materials); Forming; Manufacturing; Precast concrete; Printers; Quality assurance; Recycling; Reinforcing materials; Service life; Specifications; Thermoplastic materials; Thermoplastic resinsRoberto Lopez-Anido, James Anderson, Douglas Gardner, Yousoo Han
11/1/2018November 2018Three-dimensional surface texture of Portland cement concrete pavements containing nanosilica resistance; Concrete pavements; Friction; Macrotexture; Microtexture; Surface course (Pavements)Qingfan Liu, Marcelo Gonzalez, Susan L. Tighe, Shalaby Ahmed
1/1/2013January 2013SPR-3708: Toward Performance Related Specifications for Concrete Pavements Zavattieri, Fred Mannering, Jason Weiss
3/15/2009March 2009TPF-5(183), Improving the Foundation Layers for Concrete Pavements,-improving-the-foundation-layers-for-concrete-pavements/Concrete pavements; Durability; Foundations; Pavement performance; Paving; Permeability; Portland cement concrete; Subbase (Pavements)Kelly Miller, Keff Roesler, Andrew Dawson, Pavana Vennapusa, David White, Thomas Cackler
1/1/2020January 2020Transportation Engineering and Road Research Alliance (TERRA) transferDebra Fick
11/2/2017November 2017Ultra-accelerated Method to Evaluate Recycled Concrete Aggregate in New Construction silica reactions, Aggregates, Concrete construction, Cheyenne (Wyoming), Recycled concrete aggregate,Jennifer Tanner
1/22/2019January 2019Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) Use in Florida Structural Applications agents; Durability; Mixing; Structures; Test procedures; Ultra high performance concreteKyle A. Riding
7/1/2013July 2013Unbonded Concrete Pavement/Overlay Monitoring. in place concrete; Concrete pavements; Cracking; Fiber optics; Frigid regions; Optimization; Overlays (Pavements); Pavement performance; SensorsYing Huang, Genda Chen
10/1/2016October 2016Updated Analysis of Michigan Traffic Inputs for Pavement-ME Design; Flexible pavements; Pavement design; Pavement performance; Rigid pavements; Traffic dataSyed Waqar Haider, Gopikrishna Musunuru, Neeraj Buch, Olga Selezneva, Praveen Desaraju, Joshua Li
12/1/2017December 2017Updating Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Fly Ash for Use in Concrete Ash, set time, Paste system, heat of hydration, strength activity index, the non-evaporable water content, amount of calcium hydroxide formePrasanth Tanikella, Jan Olek
3/15/2018March 2018Use of Bagasse Ash as a Concrete Additive for Road Pavement Applications content; Durability; Life cycle costing; Materials; Mix design; Pavement design; Pozzolan; Pozzolanic action; Waste products; Highways; Materials; PavementsGabriel Arce, Marwa Hassan, Maria Gutierrez-Wing
12/15/2018December 2018Use of Concrete Grinding Residue as a Soil Amendment TR-764; Compressive strength; Concrete; Diamond grinding; Erosion control; Laboratory tests; Leaching; Runoff; Soil stabilization; Waste productsBora Cetin
6/1/2014June 2014Use of Concrete Pavement Overlays on U.S. 58 in Virginia. analysis; Bituminous overlays; Concrete overlays; Continuously reinforced concrete pavements; Costs; Rehabilitation (Maintenance)Michael M. Sprinkel, Celik Ozyildirim, M. Shabbir Hossain, Mohamed K. Elfino, Chung Wu, Affan Habib
10/17/2016October 2016Use of Crushed Recycled Glass in the Construction of Local Roadways; Feasibility analysis; Glass; Paving materials; Recommendations; Recycled materials; Road construction; Sustainable development; Waste productsJunliang (Julian) Tao
1/12/2019January 2019Use of Geogrid in Pavement Systems to Provide Longer Service Life and Reduced Maintenance tests; Geogrids; Laboratory tests; Pavement maintenance; Properties of materials; Service life Evert Lawton, Pedro Romero
9/28/2018September 2018Use of H2Ri to Mitigate Pumping in Concrete Pavement Shoulder pavements; Drainage; Fabrics; Field tests; Geosynthetics; Laboratory tests; Pavement maintenance; Pumping (Pavements); Road shoulders; Test sectionsXiong Zhang
7/1/2016July 2016Use of Internal Curing Materials to Improve Performance of Concrete Infrastructure; Concrete curing; Costs; Curing agents; Durability; High performance concrete; Lightweight aggregates; Mix design; Pavement cracking; Pavement performance; Polymers; Sand; Service life; Shrinkage; ValidationKamal Khayat
3/1/2018March 2018Use of Lightweight Sand for Internal Curing to Improve Performance of Concrete Infrastructure Curing, dry shrinkage, compressive strength, LWSKamal H. Khayat, Weina Meng, Mahdi Valipour, Matthew Hopkins
5/10/2016May 2016Use of Lime Kiln Dust for Treated Subgrades analysis; Kiln dust; Limestone; Soil stabilization; Subgrade (Pavements)Jamal Kakrasul, Robert L. Parsons, Jie Han
2/1/2014February 2014Use of Nevada's Natural Pozzolan to Mitigate Alkali-silicate Reactivity silica reactions; Alternate fuels; Carbon dioxide; Cement; Fly ash; Pollutants; Pozzolan; Sustainable development; Thermal efficiencyNader Ghafoori, Arash Kian
1/1/2013January 2013Use of recycled concrete in PCC concreteAlexandra Akkari, Bernard Izevbekhai
5/8/2017May 2017Use of Rice Hull Ash (RHA) as a Sustainable Source of Construction Material silica reactions; Compressive strength; Concrete; Durability; Pozzolan; Tensile strengthZahid Hossain
3/15/2018March 2018Use of Rice Husk Ash (RHA) in Flowable Fill Concrete Mix Material; Ash content; Concrete; Durability; Feasibility analysis; Flowable fill; Mix design; Pozzolan; Waste products; Construction; Highways; Maintenance and Preservation; Materials; PavementsZahid Hossain
8/14/2018August 2018Vertical Impedance Scanner for Concrete Bridge Deck Assessment without Direct Rebar Attachment corrosion bridge decksBrian Mazzeo
7/1/2016July 2016Waterproofing Options for Bridge Decks decks; Laboratory tests; Performance; Waterproofing; Waterproofing materialsTed Hopwood
10/1/2014October 2014White Paper on The Application of Permeable Pavement with Emphasis on Successful Design, Water Quality Benefits, and Identification of Knowledge and Data Gaps for Sustainable Transportation,-water-quality-benefits,-and-identification-of-knowledge-and-data-gaps-for-sustainable-transportation.--/Best practices; Hydraulics; Pavement performance; Permeability; Runoff; Sustainable transportation; Water qualityMasoud Kayhanian
5/8/2017May 2017Workable and Durable Concretes for Bridge Repair; Compressive strength; Concrete bridges; Durability; High volume roads; Highway bridges; Maintenance; Portland cementCelik Ozyildirim, Harikrishnan Nair
9/1/2014September 2014Calibration and Implementation of the AASHTO Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide in Arizona overlays, Calibration, Composite pavements, Flexible pavements, Mathematical models, Mechanistic-empirical pavement design, Modulus of resilience, Rigid pavements, ValidationMichael I Darter, Leslie Titus-Glover, Harold Von Quintus, Biplab B Bhattacharya, Jagannath Mallela
7/1/2017July 2017Development of a Life-cycle Assessment Tool for Pavement Preservation and Maintenance on Flexible and Rigid Pavement, Life Cycle Assessment, Tool, Maintenance, Flexible Pavement, Rigid Pavement, Pavement Performance, Cost CycleQingwen Zhou, Egemen Okte, Sushobhan Sen, Hasan Ozer, Imad L. Al-Qadi, Jeffery R. Roesler, Karim Chatti
8/15/2019August 2019Eco-Friendly Stabilization of Sulfate-Rich Expansive Soils using Geopolymers for Transportation Infrastructure concrete, Soil stabilization,  Stabilized materials,  Subgrade (Pavements),  Sulfates, Sustainable transportationAnand Puppala, Miladin Radovic , Xinbao Yu
8/15/2019August 2019Field Implementation and Monitoring of an Ultra-High Performance Concrete Bridge Deck Overlay decks, Evaluation and assessment, Overlays (Pavements), Rehabilitation (Maintenance), Service life, Ultra high performance concreteBrad Weldon, Craig Newston
8/14/2019August 2019Engineered Geopolymer Composites (EGC) for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure strength (Materials), Costs, Durability, Engineered materials, Fly ash, Geopolymer concrete, Mix design, Pavements, Repairing, Strain hardening
8/15/2019August 2019Evaluation of Bagasse Ash as Cement and Sand Replacement for the Production of Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) content, Cement, Composite materials, Concrete, Durability, Evaluation, Mix design, Pavements, RepairingMarwa Hassan, Gabriel Arce
8/14/2019August 2019One Mat Vs. Two Mats of Reinforcing Steel in 12 and 13 CRCP reinforced concrete pavements, Distress, Pavement cracking, Transverse reinforcementMoon Won
08/01/19August 2019Optimized Design Details for Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements pavements, Continuously reinforced concrete pavements, Optimization, Pavement design, PavingShiraz Tayabji, Mike Plei
8/12/2019August 2019TRC2002 - Investigating Calcium Sulfoaluminate (CSA) Cement and Sacrificial Anodes decks, Calcium sulfates, Hydraulic cement, Maintenance, Mix design, Patching, Sacrificial anodesJD Borgenson
12/18/2019December 2019Technology Transfer Concrete Consortium (FY20-FY24) pavements, Cooperation, Research management, State departments of transportation, Technology transfer
6/1/2019June 2019Alternative Cementitious Materials (ACMs) For Durable and Sustainable Transportation Infrastructures analysis, Binders, Cement, Durability, Frigid regions, Materials, Portland cement, Service lifeWarda Ashraf
8/15/2019August 2019Development of Corrosion Inhibiting Geopolymers based Cement for Transportation Infrastructure protection, Durability, Geopolymer concrete, Reinforced concrete, Reinforced concrete bridges, Reinforcing bars, Structural health monitoringHomero Castaneda, Miladin Radovic
8/15/2019August 2019Influence of Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) in Fly Ash on the Properties of Concrete content,  Air entraining agents, Carbon,  Concrete,  Durability, Fly ash, Guidelines,  Laboratory tests, Literature reviews, State of the practice,  Strength of materialsZahid Hossain
8/23/2018August 2018Guidelines for Building Smooth Concrete Pavements pavement, Smoothness, Specifications, Field trial, RTSPeter Taylor
1/1/2019January 2019Development of Non-Proprietary UHPC Mix (University of Oklahoma) construction, Bridges, Durability, Guidelines, Joints (Engineering), Local materials, Mix design, Reinforcing bars, Shear properties, Ultra high performance concreteRoyce Floyd
1/1/2019January 2019Development of Non-Proprietary UHPC Mix (Iowa State University) effectiveness, Fibers, Laboratory tests, Local materials, Mix design, Ultra high performance concreteBehrouz Shafei
7/15/2015July 2015Next Generation Iowa Pore Index – Phase III–-phase-iii/Concrete, Coarse aggregate, Portland cement concrete, Pore index, Pore structureJoseph F. Orso IV , Fransciszek Hasiuk
11/1/2015November 2015Optimized Joint Spacing for Concrete Overlays with and without Structural Fiber Reinforcement pavement overlay, Contraction joint activation, Contraction joint spacing, Fiber reinforcement, Overlay joint optimizationJerod Gross, Dan King, Halil Ceylan, Yu-An Chen, Peter Taylor
4/30/2015April 2015Extended Life Concrete Bridge Decks Utilizing Improved Internal Curing to Reduce Cracking decks, Concrete bridges, Concrete curing, Cracking, Fine aggregates, Laboratory tests, Life cycle costing, Load tests, Mix design, Service life, Slag cementXuhao Wang, Peter Taylore, Katelyn Freeseman, Payam Vosoughi
4/1/2016April 2016Automated Plate Load Testing on Concrete Pavement Overlays with Geotextile and Asphalt Interlayers: Poweshiek County Road V-18 interlayer, geotextile interlayer, interlayer test, PCC overlayDavid J. White and Peter Taylor
4/1/2019April 2019Development of Non-Proprietary Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) for Iowa Bridges TR-773, Cost effectiveness, Durability, Fibers, Laboratory tests, Literature reviews, Mix design, Optimization, Ultra high performance concreteBehrouz Shafei
2/1/2019February 2019Performance Evaluation of Very Early Strength Latex Modified Concrete TR-771 (Phase III of TR-690) construction,  Bridges, Evaluation and assessment,  Latex modified concrete,  Life cycle costing,  Mechanical properties,  Overlays (Pavements),  Pavement performance,  Quality assurance,  Quality control,  RecommendationsKejin Wang, Brent Phares, Katelyn Freeseman
04/01/19April 2019Fiber-Reinforced Concrete for Pavement Overlays: Technical Overview overlays, fiber-reinforced concrete, macrofibersJeffery Roesler, Amanda Bordelon, Alexander Brand, Armen Amirkhanian
8/1/2018August 2018Investigation on Pavement ME Design Reflective Cracking, Faulting, IRI Prediction Models, Concrete Overlays Design Tool, and Performance Threshold Levels for Iowa Pavement Systems,-faulting,-iri-prediction-models,-concrete-overlays-design-tool,-and-performance-threshold-levels-for-iowa-pavement-systems/Mechanistic-empirical pavement design, Pavement management systems, Pavement performance, Reflection crackingHalil Ceylan
7/1/2013July 2013Ultrasonic Imaging for Concrete Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Quality Assurance decks, Concrete, Condition surveys, Detection and identification technologies, Deterioration, Field tests, Infrastructure, Laboratory tests, Quality assurance, Ultrasonic wavesJohn S. Popovics, Jeffery R. Roesler, James Bittner, Armen N. Amirkhanian, Alexander S. Brand, Prakhar Gupta, and Katherine Flowers
10/16/2019October 2019Performance Evaluation of Stabilized Support Layers for Concrete Pavements pavements, Concrete overlays,  Concrete pavements,  Erosion, Evaluation and assessment,  Granular bases,  Pavement layers,  Pavement performance, Performance tests,  Stabilized materials, Test proceduresJeffrey Roesler
8/16/2018August 2018Optimizing the Benefits of Smoother Roads against the Increased Costs to Build Them, Costs, Optimization, Road construction, Roads, SmoothnessHyung Lee
9/15/2017September 2017Bridge Decks: Mitigation of Shrinkage Cracking - Phase III decks, Cracking, Guidelines, Materials, ShrinkageParamita Mondal
8/16/2018August 2018Evaluation of Geosynthetics Use in Pavement Foundation Layers & Their Effects on Design Methods and assessment, Geosynthetics,  Pavement design, Pavement layers, Pavement performance, Recommendations, Specifications,  ThicknessErol Tutumluer
8/16/2019August 2019Measuring Transport Properties of Portland Cement Concrete Using Electrical Resistivity,  Durability tests, Electrical resistivity, Methodology, Portland cement concreteJulie Hartell
8/16/2019August 2019Premature Cracking Mechanisms for Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP) pavements,  CrackingJeffrey Roesler
6/16/2019June 2019Review of Improved Subgrade and Stabilized Subbases to Evaluate Performance of Concrete pavements, Geotechnical engineering, Pavement design, Pavement performance, Recommendations, Specifications,  Subbase (Pavements),  Subgrade (Pavements),  ThicknessErol Tutumluer
1/1/2018January 2018Size and Shape Determination of the Rip Rap and Large Sized Aggregates Using Field Imaging gradation, Aggregates, Field studies, Image analysis, Riprap, ShapeErol Tutumluer
9/15/2019September 2019SPR-4419: Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP) for Internally Cured Concrete, Bridge decks, Concrete, Concrete curing, Patching, PolymersKendra Erk, Jan Olek
09/01/19September 2019Practical Issues in Implementation of Mechanistic Empirical Design for Concrete Pavements,  Concrete pavements,  Mechanistic-empirical pavement design, Pavement distress, Pavement joints, Slabs,  Structural models,  Unreinforced concreteShuvo Islam, Abu Sufian, Mustaque Hossain, Nat Valasquez Jr.
1/1/2019January 2019Construction of Low-Cracking High-Performance Bridge Decks Incorporating New Technology construction, Bridge decks, Cracking, High performance concrete, Technological innovations
07/01/2019July 2019Mechanistic-Based Parametric Model for Predicting Rolling Resistance of Concrete Pavements pavements, Deformation, Dissipation,  Mathematical models,  Mathematical prediction, Rigid pavements,  Rolling resistance, ViscoelasticityDanilo Balzarini, Karim Chatti, Imen Zaabar, Ali A Butt, John T Harvey
6/1/2019June 2019Field Implementation of Compacted Concrete Pavement in Mexico, MO,-mo/Compaction,  Concrete pavements,  Evaluation and assessmentKamal Khayat
8/6/2019August 2019Bridge Deck Cracking Evaluation decks, Maintenance practicesJanney Wiss
9/25/2019September 2019Synthesis of Information Related to Highway Practices. Topic 51-16. Maintenance and Surface Preparation Activities Prior to Pavement Preservation Treatments reviews,  Pavement maintenance,  Preservation, State departments of transportation, SurveysDavid Peshkin
9/3/2019September 2019Research for AASHTO Standing Committee on Highways. Update of the 2012 AASHTO Guide Specification for Design of Bonded FRP Systems for Repair strength (Materials), Concrete bridges, Fiber reinforced polymers, Repairing, SpecificationsIssam Harik
3/19/2019March 2019Recommendations for Revision of AASHTO M 295 Standard Specification to Include Marginal and Unconventional Source Coal Fly Ashes, Concrete, Evaluation and assessment, Fly ash, Highways, Pozzolan, Recommendations, Standards
11/2/2015November 2015Entrained Air Void System for Durable Highway Concrete, Air entrainment, Air voids, Concrete, Freeze thaw durability, Laboratory tests, Test proceduresPeter Taylor
10/1/2017October 2017Surface Resistivity Testing for Quality Control of Concrete Mixtures, Durability, Electrical resistivity, Methodology, Mix design, Quality assurance, Quality control, Water cement ratioHartell, Julie Ann; Shults, Cody
7/1/2019July 2019Reclaimed Stabilized Base - Stabilizing Agent Selection & Design weather, Freeze thaw durability,  Stabilizers, Stiffness,  Subbase (Pavements),  Subbase materials
10/1/2019October 2019Evaluation of Concrete Pavement Buckling in Wisconsin (Pavements),  Buckling, Concrete,  Pavement distress, Pavement joints, Thermal expansionShreenath Rao
3/15/2018March 2018Development of Geopolymers Based Cement and soil stabilizers for Transportation Infrastructure, Geopolymer concrete, Infrastructure, Life cycle analysis, Pavement design, Soil stabilization, Waste productsKaraman, Ibrahim; Puppala, Anand; Radovic, Miladin
6/21/2013June 2013Concrete Strength Required to Open to Traffic Compressive strength, Concrete curing, Concrete pavements, Field tests, Laboratory tests, Load tests, Nondestructive tests, Pavement design, Pavement distress, RecommendationsLev Khazonovich, University of Minnesota
7/31/2019July 2019Detection of Flaws in Asphalt Overlaid Concrete Decks Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves decks, Inspection equipmentUnviersity of Nebraska, Lincoln
05/01/17May 2017Performance of Bridge Deck Overlays in Virginia: Phase I: State of Overlays decks, Deterioration, Overlays (Pavements), Service life, State of the practiceSoundar S.G. Balakumaran, Ph.D., P.E., and Richard E. Weyers, Ph.D., P.E
09/01/19September 2019Performance of Bridge Deck Overlays in Virginia: Phase II: Service Life Performance decks, Concrete overlays, Data collection, Durability, Epoxides, Latex modified concrete, Multiple regression analysis, Rehabilitation (Maintenance), Service lifeSoundar S.G. Balakumaran, Ph.D., P.E., and Richard E. Weyers, Ph.D., P.E
10/5/2017October 2017Evaluation of Penetrating Sealers Applied to Saw Cut Faces in Concrete Pavement Joints pavements, Durability, Field studies, High performance concrete, Pavement joints, Sealing compounds, SpecificationsDanny Xiao
10/1/2019October 2019Transformation of Engineering Tools to Increase Material Efficiency of Concrete, Cement, Concrete, Decision support systems, Environmental impacts, Greenhouse gases, Materials, Performance based specifications, Pollutants, Reinforcement (Engineering), Service life, ToolsSabbie A Miller
09/01/19September 2019Impact of Joint Spacing on Bonded Concrete Overlay of Existing Asphalt Pavement in the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design Software pavements, Bonding, Concrete overlays, Mechanistic-empirical pavement design, Pavement cracking, Pavement joints, Pavement performance, SpacingBiplab Bhattacharya, Alex Gotif, Michael Darter, Lev Khazanovich
11/25/2019November 2019Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices. Topic S09-09. Automated Pavement Condition Survey Practices at Airports runways, Airports, Automatic data collection systems,  Condition surveys, Literature reviews, Pavement management systems, State of the practice
10/01/2019October 2019Quality Testing of Wisconsin Aggregates tests, Aggregates, Freeze thaw durability, Geotechnical engineering, Quality controlHani Titi