About NC²

NC²   Advancing concrete pavement research and technologies

The National Concrete Consortium (NC²) is a national forum for concrete pavement research and technology transfer initiatives. The NC² Executive Committee is comprised of regional representatives with the Technology Transfer Concrete Consortium (TTCC), an FHWA Pooled Fund (currently TPF-5(313) and formerly TPF-5(159)). The goals of the NC² are:

  • Identifying needed research projects
  • Developing pooled fund initiatives
  • Providing a forum for technology exchange among participants
  • Communicating state agencies’ research needs to the FHWA and industry
  • Providing assistance to the CP Road Map

The TTCC is open to any state desiring to be a part of new developments in concrete paving leading to the implementation of new technologies. These technologies will lead to longer-life pavements through the use of innovative testing, construction optimization technologies and practices, and technology transfer.

Access the NC² bylaws here.

Get to know the NC² Executive Committee here.