Executive Board of Directors

The National Concrete Pavement Technology Center’s Executive Board of Directors provides outstanding guidance in business operations, including management and finances. The Board’s 17 members include representatives of organizations that provide substantial financial support.


Executive Board Members

    • Joe Bush (Board Chair), Chief Operating Officer, McCarthy Improvement Company
      Representing: ACPA
    • Jerry Voigt, President & CEO, American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA)
      Representing: ACPA
    • Mike Ireland, President & CEO, Portland Cement Association (PCA)
      Representing: PCA
    • Mike Gordon, Vice President-Sales & Marketing, Continental Cement
      Representing: PCA
    • Mitchell Dillavou, Director and Chief Engineer, Highway Administration Division, Iowa DOT
      Representing: Iowa DOT
    • Kevin Merryman, Iowa DOT
      Representing: Iowa DOT Alternate
    • Greg Mulder, Iowa Concrete Paving Association (ICPA)
      Reresenting: ICPA
    • Robert Seghetti, Vice President, ACME Concrete Paving
      Representing: At Large – Contractor
    • Steve Prosek, Area Manager, Kokosing Construction Company, Inc.
      Representing: At Large – Contractor
    • Kevin McMullen, President, Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association
      Representing: Wisconsin Chapter-ACPA
    • Brent Burwell, Executive Director, Oklahoma/Arkansas Chapter-ACPA
      Representing: Oklahoma/Arkansas Chapter-ACPA
    • Angela Folkestad, Executive Director, Colorado/Wyoming Chapter-ACPA
      Representing: ACPA Chapter/State Committee
    • Ernie Peterson, Vice President-Sales (Midwest Division), Ash Grove Cement
      Representing: At Large – Cement Company
    • Patrick Cleary, Senior Vice President of US Cement Sales, LafargeHolcim US
      Representing: At Large – Cement Company
    • Shauna Hallmark, Director, Institute for Transportation
      Representing: Iowa State University
    • Peter Taylor, Director, CP Tech Center
      Representing: CP Tech Center