Real-Time Smoothness

This page provides supplementary materials for the project and report entitled Implementation Support for Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) Renewal R06E Real-Time Smoothness Measurements on Portland Cement Concrete Pavements during Construction.

Quick References

The following quick references were developed as part of this project:

  • Real-Time Smoothness Pocket Reference. A pocket reference guide was developed to deliver key information in the field about real-time smoothness installation, daily startup and shutdown, and recommendations for maximizing the benefits of the technology.
  • Real-Time Smoothness Quick Reference Index. As a companion to the reference guide, an index was developed and designed to be printed as a magnet that could be affixed to the frame of a slipform paver.
Real-Time Smoothness Equipment Loan Field Reports
Other Materials

For more information, see the SHRP2 Solutions page.