Evaluation of Surface Treatments to Mitigate ASR

Project Details





Matthew Waidner, Richard Deschenes Jr., W. Micah Hale


Southern Plains Transportation Center


Alkali silica reactions, Barriers (Roads), Concrete pavements, Cracking, Freeze thaw durability, Interstate highways, Pavement maintenance, Sealing compounds, Silane

Project description

Premature cracking of the barrier wall and pavement on I-49 south of Fayetteville, Arkansas due to a combination of Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) and freeze-thaw has led to ASR and freeze-thaw research at the University of Arkansas. Potential for further expansion (PFET), Damage Rating Index (DRI), and mitigation of freeze-thaw and ASR with sealers testing and results are contained herein. PFET results indicated that the pavement will not continue to expand from ASR. With other interstate pavements deteriorating prematurely throughout Arkansas, DRI has shown that most are damaged not only by ASR but by freeze-thaw too. Recommendations for freeze-thaw’s inclusion into DRI are included. Results for a sealer that will limit ASR and freeze-thaw expansion are given and have shown that silanes with 40% silane work effectively to reduce ASR and freeze-thaw expansion.